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How long till Rod Smith retires?

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    No one really knows who will get the ball each game since, like you said, we do spread the ball around a lot. The past two games, Putzier has been leading in reception yardage.. you would think Rod would have more or Lelie.. I think it is kind of exciting.


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      Originally posted by TXBRONC
      Hard to call Ashely a failure when he's doing his job. Btw you don't have a chance to catch what isn't thrown your way. He also remains in the starting line up unlike others who cann't handle the rigors of being a starter.

      We are primarily a run team always have been. But the top 2 receivers have been catching about 80 catches each year since Mikeys came to coach with a high of 100 for both Rod and Eddie for a couple of years. Rod has averaged 87 catches a year since he has been a consistant starter in 1997. The TE's have also caught about 70 passes a year.

      I know that you, most of the board and I do not agree about assshley.

      I just expect more form a #1 daft choice than I do a undrafted FA or the #2 pick rookie.

      Not taking anything away from Rod, as he is superb.

      Rod is on pace for 72+ plus receptions, and 900+ plus yards.
      assshley is on pace for 42+ plus receptions, and 800+ plus yards.
      Watts is on pace for 27+ plus receptions, and 400+ plus yards.

      One thing that is not facored in is Eteh yards that WR's get from drawing PI calls. But that might be offset somewhat be the holding calls they get when we run the ball. This is porbably a wash to some degree.

      asshley does not get the looks from the QB IMHO because he:
      has either not been open,
      not getting off the LOS,
      has been open and not in the correct spot,
      has not been able to hang on to the ball over tha past year with Jake,
      or just is so far down the progression that Jake does not see him.
      Or lastly but more likely he does not have the confidence that the ball will be held onto if it is thrown.

      The progression thing can be corrected by the offensive coordinator, the rest of it is squarely on the shoulders of assshley and postion coaches.

      I hope he can make a major contribution, but so far I think he was a waste of a #1 pick.

      Maybe time to get Nate Jackson or Luke some game time.
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