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    First one who scores wins...


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      I know there were some upsets this week but really you guys these are the Bengals. They are due to win another game but it's not going to be at our expense tomorrow. I'd be worried if they were 0-6 like Miami. There was a rumor that Kitna might start and that raised an eyebrow for a second (only a second mind you) but that turned out ot be false and I'm sorry I give Cincy about 1 in 1000 chance of winning tomorrow.


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        Re: I am really scared about MNF

        Originally posted by communist
        Guys today was Upset Sunday:

        KC all over Atlanta (56-10): I dont doubt the Chiefs, but no one would have predicted this.

        SD beat CAR: not to mention At Carolina

        Arz beat SEA.

        NO beat OAK: At the black hole.

        JAX beat IND: At the Dome.

        MIA beat STL: The same STL that beat SEA at home 2 weeks ago with that amazing 4th quarter comeback.

        Those are some upsets, and were defenetely not the critics pick... so now I am so scared for the Broncos.

        Someone in the pregame predicted the Bengals over Broncos would be the upset of the week. I hope it does not happen.
        KC was the favorite in the game today so that not an upset!

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