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    Originally posted by nickmeyer View Post
    3 posts and this is now a Tebow/Orton thread???? And oh wow mention of McDaniels! Why must every thread be about Tebow, Orton, or McDaniels?? I love Tebow's potential as much as the next guy, but I think its time we stop all this defense / hate of Tebow and or Orton. The team is all that matters not any one player.
    My post was about McD and his thought process. I think people who are control freaks usually have big egos. That is part of the whole control freak process. They know everything better and it is why it has to be their way. Control freaks in positions of power can work, like Steve Jobs. McD just did not have the skills to pull it off.

    Also did you read the OP, it was about Orton and Tebow.

    To me the reality is that all these Tebow/Orton, DT threads are about the position McD put us in.

    McD's draft/player choices has a lot to do with this.


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      Originally posted by Taos_Broncomaniac View Post
      Tebow is hardly "any QB," I don't care how he got here. If the powers that be build around him like they seem to be doing we're going places.

      Not alot going on here right now but compared to last year, that's great.
      I never said Tebow was or is a bad QB, Tebow had a lot of "professional" critics who said he would never make it in the NFL. To me that stated that if Tebow became the next SuperBowl superstar that McD would gain a lot of credit.

      I said this over and over again, if McD step back a little bit and let Mike Nolan do his job, he would still be in denver.

      Even though I think McDs draft/fa choices would of still caught up to him, Nolan made our defense into a monster, till McD demanded and started to take over some of the play calling.


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        Originally posted by jmjk View Post
        Now we have some major problems!
        Not to panic. We have a two to three year rebuilding program to work out first. Don't expect to be heading to the SB this year, cause you're going to be sorely disappointed.
        We are definitely going to be one of the "other 31 teams" this year that doesn't win it...
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          Item #3

          Tim Tebow is a running QB. McCoy may or may not choose to take advantage of this.

          In the event the Denver Broncos resume playing the game of football, their O will include formations and plays where the QB is under C. Their O will also include formations and plays with Direct Snap (i.e., gun).

          An advantage of putting the ball in play from under C is quickness and deception. An advantage of gun is it adds the QB as an extra runner the D must defend ... if the offense has one that can run (i.e., Tebow).

          In My Kind of Football, Steve Owen said the Single Wing went out of fashion in the NFL because high schools and colleges were running the T Formation. At the draft John Gruden said colleges are sending a different kind of athlete to the NFL, especially at the QB position, and that change is inevitable. No huddle Run and Shoot/Spread Option offenses are ubiquitous in HS and are becoming more prevalent in college. Five of the first six QBs drafted this year played in such offenses.

          The Steelers ran some Spread Option in Super Bowl XLV. We shall see.
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            The McD era is over! We have already discussed over and over again what went wrong. It is now time to move forward and work on a plan of action of how to fix the problem.

            EFX has already put a strategy together to fix the problem. The first part of there plan has already been took care of (The draft). The FO knew the Lock-out was coming and has been prepared for it. When there was a small window where the Lock-out was temporarily lifted, EFX wasted no time in getting play-books out to all the players. They knew that the lift may only be temporary so they took care of the most important thing first.

            It is now up to the players to learn the play book and practice it on there own. This lock-out will do one thing for us, it will weed out the players that are only here for a pay check. The ones that want to start and contribute will put in the time to learn and practice on there own. When this whole mess is cleared up, EFX will know pretty quickly who those players are.

            The only real problem is, because of the current lock-out all we can do is speculate on what will happen. Everybody on these boards all have there opinion on what the FO and players should do during this lock-out. Opinions well very from person to person, and who is to say who is right or wrong. All we have to go on is what the media reports and they will focus on the most popular players, in our case that player is Tebow. The media can not follow everybody around and spy on there actions, in fact that is illegal. All the media can do is report what they do in public (not all players do a lot in public).

            The best thing we as fans can do is nothing but wait and see what happens. The problem there is that "Nothing is impossible"! It impossible to do nothing! As long as we breve air we are in fact doing something. The mind is constantly thinking, even while we sleep, that is where dreams come in. We as football fans are naturally going to think about football. The problem comes in because most people can not keep there thoughts to them self's. Human nature is a constant battle.


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              No matter what happens, people are always going to be pessimistic. There's always going to be holes on EVERY team in the NFL. We don't have to have top talent at every position. We can't fix a very bad team in one draft, in one year. Now we certainly improved...maybe even improved good enough to make the playoffs. We have been one or two games out (except for last year) for a decade, so I think we'll be a lot better.

              I honestly think last year was a fluke. A lot of injuries, a bad coach, no running game, being too predictable and no pass rush (which is not the fault of the DTs). People see we're last on the list in pass D and they blame the DTs, but it might not be all their fault. I think we improved our pass D BIG TIME. We also had a bad D-Coordinator.

              AND one last thing...despite the CBA, players ARE working out. They're spending time together and working out together and I think they'll be just fine. Tebow has been working from under center and everything else. They don't need to be at Dove Valley to work out together.


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                We have our QB, and it sure as hell ain't Kyle Orton, or at least I hope not. I think his season last year is waaaay overrated on these boards. Yeah, he had stats, but man was he gawd awful in the clutch, the man has zero pocket prescense, and killed us numerous times by simply falling down and taking an unecessary sack which knocked us out of FG range, when we got down early, he let it completely snowball out of control and moped around about it, he is not a leader, he is a born back-up. If they are given the chance to compete, I have zero doubt Tim will win the job.


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                  I don't really think not picking up a DT is a big deal. Sure, it was probably our biggest hole. But, its not like it would put us into playoff or Super Bowl talk. This is a team that can actually be called rebuilding now. We need a pretty good year this year for confidence and experience. Hit the draft next year just as hard and hopefully fill up any remaining holes. Then we can start talking about playoffs. But, We did the right thing this year by just drafting talent and guys who we can count on for years to come.

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                  Originally posted by Jay3
                  Yes. For two Super Bowls I would be willing to carpet bomb Canada.


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                    The biggest problem for the Broncos is indeed the lockout/lack of a CBA.
                    This is the case for all teams with a new coach, particularly those making significant scheme changes.

                    The second biggest problem for the Broncos is the defensive tackle issue because it the most glaring need on a defense that needs significant improvement just to be decent.
                    They addressed the need for speed and pass rushing from the linebacker corps.
                    They infused the secondary with youth at the safety position.
                    They even added a defensive end that could develop into a solid pass rusher.

                    The third biggest problem for the Broncos is the running back position.
                    Moreno has been unreliable whether it's health concerns or production.

                    Deangelo Williams needs to be a vital target when free agency opens.

                    Fix the defense and the running game and it doesn't matter if Orton is the starting quarterback or if Tebow is the starting quarterback. They will win games with either one.
                    Naturally, I would prefer that Tebow be the starter because I think he gives the Broncos a chance to be a championship caliber team at some point while Orton doesn't.

                    However, If it is believed that Orton gives the team the best chance to win games now, then he should be the starter. They might not win championships with him but they could compete for the division and therefore a playoff spot. Meanwhile, Tebow can take more time to develop into a legitimate NFL quarterback.
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