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Eddie Royal ousted by McDaniels last year...?

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    Originally posted by BluenOrnge4Life View Post
    Regardless of who said/didn't say what, Eddie was underutilized in Josh Mcdaniels' offense, and the team probably suffered because of it.
    I agree with you 100% about Royal being under-utilized. I figured he would be if for nothing else than McD using the Patriots system. Figured he'd be the Wes Welker. Turned out NO ONE was the Wes Welker. Go figure. I was very surprised by McD's plays that way. Besides using more screen passes (it seemed) than running plays, I didn't think the Broncos emulated the Patriots all that much. McD must have just been using HIS offense, I suppose. I dunno. Well, hopefully that will change so we don't have to hear about how this or that QB had inflated numbers because "all they run" are screen passes. Although that sure hasn't hurt Tom Brady any!