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Who do you think/hope will be the pleasant surprise this year?

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    Originally posted by samparnell View Post
    The most pleasant one I can imagine would be to have a 2011 NFL season.

    I think the run game for sure and the defense getting more turnovers. I want to see alot more Decker as well. I have seen too many of our receivers fall down after a catch but Decker doesn't seem to fear taking a hit. Looking forward to seeing this kid blossom.


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      The most pleasant surprise would be that we deserve to be in every game we play, no matter the record this year.

      Next year is a little different.......the record will be good!!


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        offense: Decker
        defense: the DT we get in FA
        ST: Royal on KR/PR


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          Originally posted by samparnell View Post
          The most pleasant one I can imagine would be to have a 2011 NFL season.
          Got that right Sam

          I hope the offensive line is the pleasant surprise of this year. Everyone else on offense will get better with them ALL performing well TOGETHER.


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            I have little to no faith in Moreno. So who ever our 2nd running back is. Don't get me wrong, I like the guy. I just don't think hes a good football player.


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              Julius Thomas will be a guy that will get a lot of attention this year, watch. He is going to be a great addition to your offense. I was hoping my Saints would snatch either him or Jordan Cameron.


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                First off, I am just excited that we have guys in the front office that only care about our team getting better and not their own egos

                Now, I would like to see Miller break out and see Elvis play all year

                Tebow having a lead going into the 4th QT would be
                We are the Organization that " EVERYONE " wants to be a part of



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                  Originally posted by samparnell View Post
                  The most pleasant one I can imagine would be to have a 2011 NFL season.
                  best answer yet cp to you if it'd count
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                    The most pleasant surprise would be for the cba to get done early enough to have a free agency period, that would allow us to get at least one good DT and a RB, have a complete training camp and preseason to adjust to our new schemes and team culture and (as said above) be in every game this year. Is that too much?

                    More to the point:

                    Offense: Tebow, whoever starts at TE and whoever our FA RB is

                    Defense: Marcus Thomas I think is poised to have a breakout year, although doom and Miller will be the talk of the town

                    Special teams: I hope we never see our kicker because we are too busy scoring TDs and we never, EVER see our punter except in team photos
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                      I hope the running game will surprise me
                      I want to see the running attack here in denver again.

                      I remember I think it was the Jets game where Orton had the most rushing yards on our team. and it was i think 22 or something like that.

                      So maybe Knowshon and whoever the 2nd RB will surprise me

                      And on defense Im hoping for Ayers breakout season

                      ans special teams Cassius Vaughn as a returner


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                        To have a good defense will be a nice surprise. For Tebow to actually be good this season would be another surprise. Don't start bashing just yet.

                        I do think Tebow will be a good QB, but it will take time. He only started 3 games last season, so he still has little to no experience reading defenses. I don't care how many snaps he takes from under center this off-season or how many work outs he has, there is no way of working on reading defenses except in actual games. All the practices in the world will not prepare one to be able to read different defenses.


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                          Offense: If he remains healthy, Royal, if he doesn't Decker
                          Defense: Ayers

                          Here's my offense:


                          FA RB


                          Lloyd, Gaffney, Royal, both rookie TEs,

                          Clady, Franklin, Walton, Beadles, Kuper


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                            I would love to see Moreno put up the kind of numbers that would justify his 12th selection. Staying on the field would be a start.

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