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    Originally posted by Roddoliver View Post
    Randy Gradishar. Legitimate HoF candidate. Just look at his body of work and his awards.

    7× Pro Bowl selection (1975, 1977, 1978, 1979, 1981, 1982, 1983)
    5× First-team All-Pro selection (1977, 1978, 1979, 1980, 1981)
    1× Second-team All-Pro selection (1983)
    7× All-AFC selection (1976, 1977, 1978, 1979, 1981, 1982, 1983)
    1978 NFL Defensive Player of the Year
    2× Denver Broncos MVP (1978, 1980)
    2× All-American (1972, 1973)
    Denver Broncos Ring of Fame
    Ohio State Varsity Hall of Fame
    Ohio State Football All-Century Team

    Hall of Fame finalist in 2003, 2008. Semi-finalist in 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007.
    Couldnt said it better if i tried. If you ever seen him play, you would know, he deserves to be HOF for a long time now.
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      Originally posted by Axemaster View Post
      Randy Gradishar by a LAAANNDDD SLIDE!!! There was and is no better that I have seen in my lifetime!!!

      Anyone serious would vote for him, and he should have been the only name in the poll. So I voted von


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        Originally posted by broncojuan View Post
        Anybody who doesn't vote for Gradishar must not have seen him play. I think he could have been the best LB of his era. I even say he was better than Jack Lambert, and speaking of Lambert, whenever he is asked "who is the be LB you ever played with, or against?" he always answers Gradishar. So who is #1 shouldn't even be a contest, Randy whould have been the Bronco's first HOFer.

        For that matter #2 should be Meck, who should also be in the HOF, although he wasn't quite as good as Randy. TJ or Al Wilson at #3.

        Romo was one of my favorite players when he was here, but he shouldn't make the top ten on this list!
        I totally respect that opinion. I just don't remember him that well. His stats and achievements certainly warrant being considered one of the best LB's to ever play the game.

        When I was a kid in grade school he and Upchurch were my favorite players, but I was 10 or 11 at the time, and I just don't remember it very well.

        It kind of troubles me to admit it, but I don't even remember watching Meck play that much, and I can remember when he was drafted and picked up a fumble (or maybe it was an INT) his rookie year and took off with the ball in the open field. I remember the commentators commenting on how athletic he looked for his size, but other than that I can't specifically remember any of his plays. I can remember his style of play being very physical, but just not any individual play.
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          I can't believe anyone even voted for anybody but Randy. Just take a count of the probowls. You've got the answer.
          Simon was a great player but a great LB no way. Ian Gold no way. The next greatest after Randy would be Tom, then Bob Swenson. IMO.


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            Gradishar was before my time, but from what footage I've seen/heard about him from other fans, it seems he's a level above the rest.

            The best I've seen personally is Al Wilson.


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              In order......Gradishar, Fletcher, Meck, Jackson and Wilson for sentimental reasons. None of the others even come close.
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                I never saw Gradishar play, but I would say my favorite Bronco LB was Mobley.

                I still have his rookie card I bought when I was 11 or 12 in a Craig K Mart. I'll always remember when I bought it. I looked forward to seeing the player on the card play on Sundays. Sure, he wasn't the best, and it's a silly reason to like a player, but I say go chuck a duck...


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                  Why is Von Miller on that list...?????????

                  To me, Mecklenburg is the greatest. Haven't seen any but two games of Randy Gradishar, so I can only talk about those that I saw playing.
                  Next will be Mobley, Fletcher, Al Wilson...


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                    Am I the only one who doesn't miss Al Wilson's forearm tackle? The dude muffed so many tackles trying to make ESPN's "Jacked up" highlights. Randy Gradishar on top of my list with Meck a distant second.


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                      Ha! I voted for Gradishar, and that made 53 votes for #53!

                      Of course someone will come along and vote for Randy and ruin it