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B.Lloyd Interviewed by Vic Lombardi Last Night

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    guys humble as well and does not plan on holding out according to the fan interview


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      Originally posted by MaloCS View Post
      That there is some funny she-ite!

      On a serious note I would consider trading him due to his age and nothing else. He's on the down swing of his career and his value is sky high right now. The Broncos might be able to swing a trade for some quality young talent that could help the organization during and after the rebuilding process. Plus, I really don't think he relishes being a Denver Bronco. I think he's the definition of a football mercenary.
      Seriously? With most likely Tebow a 2nd year QB starting who is basically still a rookie having only started 4 games you want to trade his best target who led the league in receiving last year? I REALLY don't understand the infatuation so many fans have with trading the most talented players on this team for younger potential. How often do you see a super bowl winning team loaded with 24-26 year olds? Yeah they have their share but they also have a good amount of vets that are 29-30+ years old who truly LEAD their teams. Its GOOD to have some older guys on your team they are the glue that holds everything together. Plus 30 years old for a WR isn't the same as 30 years old for say a RB. A 30 year old WR legitimately has another 3-5 years of very solid production, especially with all the new rules which help the WR's and screw the DB's!