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Our team is better than what some people think.

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  • Our team is better than what some people think.

    Last year we were far better than our record. We lost so many games in the fourth. The main reason we lost a lot of those games was because of a pass rush. Our third down defense was horrible. I can recall a bunch of times we would allow teams to convert on third down. Many times Champ and Goodman had a good coverage but ended up giving up a reception because they had to cover for too long. With Dumervil back ,the addition of Von Miller and other free agent pick-ups, I think we will be much better. Our defense stayed on the field most of the time. Our offense would of been better if we can give them more possessions. As much of my dislike for Orton, I think he may be the better choice If Tebow is stinking it up in camp.
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    For the last time, Training Camp means nothing.


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      I think the team will be much improved....doesn't really matter this year. The schedule is B R U T A L. I see 6 wins max.
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        Yeah our defense will be better for sure. But Orton plays like Lebron when the game matters. And if we stick with him we know what to expect, a .500 year a best.

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        Yes. For two Super Bowls I would be willing to carpet bomb Canada.


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          Agreed! Our team is going to be much better this year than last year.
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            Well I remember teams running the ball up the middle at will. Considering that we've only made one real change at the defensive tackle position (Bunkley, who still needs to pass a physical), I'm still kind of skeptical because we still haven't addressed the glaring problem from last season.


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              Originally posted by BroncoKing View Post
              Agreed! Our team is going to be much better this year than last year.
              I'm coming around to that train of thought
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                Sounds like defense is good. We have a huge problem here, and it's not a Tebow versus Orton problem, it's John Fox. They guy just went 1-15, his team scored 16 count them 16 total tds all year last year. People have been complaining about Tebow and his production he had 11 TDs himself. If the run game doesn improve and Moreno doesn"t get better and stronger it won't matter who is behind center. Wouldn't a head coach be able to muster up more than 16 TDs in a season??? That's awful... Yes he isn't the O coordinator, but he is in charge.


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                  I think it is better.

                  If they make a couple more trade and/signings. Like Osi and Asante.

                  I could only imagine the defense looking like this.

                  osi bunkley vickerson doom

                  woodyard mays( irving ) miller

                  champ dawk moore asante.

                  I think I would love to see that. Either way, it is better than we all think. I think.


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                    16 tds...


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                      Our team may be better 'on paper' now; but they deferentially reflected their record from last season.


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                        Defense is upgraded. Dumervill being back is huge if produces to what he did the year before. I am telling RB worries me the most. If Fox is this gritty run it down their throat type of guy, we don't have the back to do that. I heard the Panthers scored 16 tds last year and I thought this, this is our head coach?


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                          Originally posted by TampaTebow1! View Post
                          16 tds...
                          Maybe you missed all the threads last year that dealt with this misleading stat.
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                            Ughhh...I thought this last year and then the bottom dropped out.

                            I think it again this year...and I'm nervous.


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                              Fox's Carolina team scored 16 tds. there is no way that is misleading, that's how bad his offense was. You can blame Clausen, Moore, Williams, Steve Smith, whoever you want but the fact is Carolina scored 16 times in a 16 game schedule... That is horrendous. Oakland scored what 8 tds against us??? maybe it was 7 in one game.