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Our team is better than what some people think.

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    Originally posted by TampaTebow1! View Post
    Fox's Carolina team scored 16 tds. there is no way that is misleading, that's how bad his offense was. You can blame Clausen, Moore, Williams, Steve Smith, whoever you want but the fact is Carolina scored 16 times in a 16 game schedule... That is horrendous. Oakland scored what 8 tds against us??? maybe it was 7 in one game.
    Again, this is an old and tired argument. You don't like Fox great. See message board 2010.

    Yea, yea...I don't have to read it...
    Rhyme Time: Loose, Caboose. Lose, Boo's. Grieve, Peeve? Cat, Hat and all of that...


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      I got no problem with Fox, he doesn't have the players to do what he wants to do. He doesn't have a tough sturdy backfield. He doesn't have a tough sturdy qb. You play to your strengths. Sounds like he does things his way no matter who his players are, see 1-15.. I coach little ones and high school myself, and we have to change every year according to what we have. If Fox wants a tough defense, and a run it down your throat ball controlling offense he doesn't have those players here. He has a high powered, fast offense. He is in the wrong spot to try what he is trying. he can go 1-15 again, I am already 2-0 in my little world. Just saying...


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        Originally posted by thenewera44 View Post
        I think it is better.

        If they make a couple more trade and/signings. Like Osi and Asante.

        I could only imagine the defense looking like this.

        osi bunkley vickerson doom

        woodyard mays( irving ) miller

        champ dawk moore asante.

        I think I would love to see that. Either way, it is better than we all think. I think.
        this is my dream defense as of right now too. add a warren signing too and we are SET!

        If Orton Sucks we will play Tebow I guarantee it.


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          I have no idea how I will like Fox as a game day coach, but I do like one thing immensley so far. And that is how normal camp seems! Last year it seemed things were already second guessed and rightly so, in McDaniels second camp. There seems to be activity on multiple fronts for the defensive line, so apparently, experience is valued more here.


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            I don't think John Fox is to blame for the plight of the Panthers, it's obvious that both offence and defence were pretty attrocious, and this is a man who took the Panthers from 1-15 to Superbowl 38, hopefully he can repeat it this year with a different team!
            Come On You Blues! GO BRONCOS!