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    i'm proud of him for stepping up yesterday. good job Ashley


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      I am so happy for him. He has been taking a lot of heat, but it was understandable. Hopefully this will kickstart him for a playoff run, especially if CP is out these final 2 games.


      GO BRONCOS!!

      GO BUCKEYES!!!


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        that was huge...that might of saved his future, let's hope he can continue to make key catches...
        fight u dwn the must win.. fight fight fr knows no defet! so roll up the mighty score, Never Give in!!...shouler to shulder we will FIGHT..FIGHT ... FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!!


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          I have never bashed Lelie, I feel he will be good, soon. I believe him and Jake need to develop a relationship and yesterday was a good start to that. They are both new to the team and Lelie is still young. I think they will make a great duo given some time to develop together. I was VERY happy to hear Lelie made some clutch catches yesterday, this should quiet some of the negativity he has been receiving lately and boost his confidence in himself and Jake's in him.


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            Originally posted by broncosbeast
            By the way, did anyone see the NFL Playoffs comercial called "Seven". That was great.
            I saw that Commercial Beast.... I thought it was pretty awesome. Johnny boy sure is lookin old though isn't he?


            Good point on your post re: Shanahan using CP late in the game. With play off implications up in the wind, I don't blame them for running him in OT either. Had he been able to predict the injury, They would have pulled him earlier. Stuff happens... just gotta make the best of it.

            Nuff said...

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              Imagine if he hadn't stumbled... There wouldn't have been an overtime.

              Go Lelie! I thought that was awesome. I've been worried about him and the way he's been playing but yesterday he made 2 very important catches. I hope he keeps it up. If he keeps playing like he did yesterday...We're golden.

              And did anyone notice that McCaffrey made an excellent reception as well?



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                Hopefully this gives him the confidence he needs. They'll need all the help available now that its crunch time. Double SHAKA for Leile and Elam.


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                  Pardon my lack of knowledge, thanks to a crapped out VCR I only got to watch the 4th and OT so I can't truly evaluate Ashley's performance. (4catches for 71 yds)

                  However that is just 1 game and I hope it helps this young man turn the corner because they need him to step up and produce now more than ever. We've seen this kid can play, but it is the consistency in his game that is lacking...I'm sure with experience this will improve, but it has definitely been his achilles heel this year.
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                    One good performance in the last 9 games. He did good.... would still like to see more consistency out of him. This one game only shows me that he can do it... whether he will continue to do what he can do is the question.


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                      He will be more consistant. You can't expect Jerry Rice to emerge after one year of playing. He gets all the deep tough passes to catch. He'll be fine and the fact remains that he came up huge when the game was on the line yesterday. Great job Ashley!


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                        Originally posted by pikman
                        Pardon my lack of knowledge, thanks to a crapped out VCR I only got to watch the 4th and OT so I can't truly evaluate Ashley's performance. (4catches for 71 yds)
                        I had to follow on and koa radio but 3 of his catches came on that final drive of the 4th to set up Elam. His other catch was on a 3rd down conversion eariler in the game.


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                          The bad: He did squat all year.

                          The Good: He will cost next to nothing against my fantasy cap next year.

                          The Ugly: He waits till the week AFTER I'm eliminated from the playoffs to show up for a game.