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What to make of Knowshon Moreno?

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    Originally posted by Javalon View Post
    I'm not sure what to make of Moreno. He's quick and agile, has some burst through the hole...

    ...but why does he seem incapable of a long run? His career long run is 36 yards. Even looking pretty good this preseason, his longest run is 14 yards.

    You'd think sheer luck would get him into the open field now and then and let him break off a 50-yarder. I mean, I'm glad that his YPC is looking pretty good right now but we need a home run now and then, too.

    Anyone have any ideas? Is it a vision thing? Tripping too much? What's the deal?
    Is it just me, or does KnoMo tends to "dance" when he gets hit? He seems to have a lot of wasted movement in his runs.... other guys get hit and are at full speed running for the pay dirt....

    Perhaps just perception- I like KnoMo, so this is not slamming him, but....
    A super bowl victory is the only thing that matters in a season. So to show improvement you have to get closer than we were last year. So the AFCC game is a good answer if we only match what we did last year it is a failure. The Giants were 9-7 and won it all so record or first round bye mean nothing unless you win it all-

    #87Birdman wrote it- adding Manning, the Broncos should be held to it, and certain posters think otherwise and we know who you are.....