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Greetings from a Browns fan

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  • Greetings from a Browns fan

    Just wanted to stop by and chat about the up and coming game between the Broncos and Browns.

    For obvious reasons I have very bad feelings torwards the Broncos, but that doesn't mean that I don't respect their winning ways.

    I am not the type of a fan who likes to go to others message board and talk smack (although I can do that if needed ). I just enjoy talking football especially with the opposing fans.

    First on my Browns, well what is there to say besides what a dissapointing season. I have to admit after the emergence of William Green and our D starting to play well I thought we had a very very good chance of winning our division before the year started. Then when Couch was benched I had serious doubts about our coach's ability to make personell moves (who I trust and believe in). Not that I think Couch is a great qb at this time, I do think he has a ton of potential if Cleveland would every supply him with an Offensive line. Now surprisingly to alot of people I was in full favor of releasing Kevin Johnson. Sure the guy has great hands but thats all he has, small size and fairly slow. I think after last nights game against the Rams, (which if we didn't shoot ourselves in the foot AGAIN we would have easily won the game) I think Couch will be the starter against the Bronco's this weekend.

    On the offensive side of the ball we have a ton of holes that need to be filled in the off season. Mainly on the O line, this is where we are the weakest I believe in the entire league. Now you can chalk that up to a ton of injuries (most in the league at those positions) or you can say thats poor drafting, whatever you want to call it we need a ton of help here because you all know as well as anybody that with a good oline your team can go along ways. I think we start to solidify some of those positions in the off season and this Browns Offence will look totally different next year. On the brightside of the Offence we have some very very good wide receivers that are fast, physical and can catch (most of the time ). Our running game despite a pathetic oline has actually done fairly decent. The loss of William Green is a huge hit to this offence, however Jamel White played very well against St. Louis and has that big play potential. The guy that I am really rooting for is Lee Suggs he is a rookie running back this year, he also returns kickoffs. He has alot of speed and power, I am really wanting him to get about 10-15 carries against the Bronco's this weekend.

    Our Defence which was nearly last in 2002 has been ranked in the top 10 all year. Our passing defence is very solid, holding big name receivers to minimal yards, such as M. Harrison, Issac Bruce, Jerry Rice, Tim Brown and Terrel Owens. I don't have the exact stats on those guys but all of them were held to just a couple of catches and minimal yards. Our run D is actually very solid as well the only problem is we have some young Linebackers who tend to make some mistakes that gives up the big play. Now I know what your thinking and I am too CLINTON PORTIS, this scares me alot. I actually wanted Portis when we selected Green however the choice was actually between Green and Duckett, man am I glad we got Green, now if he can just get his problems straightend out and get back on the field.

    Must and needs for the Browns to win:

    1. Contain Clinton Portis - hold him to under 100 yards and 0-1 TDs for the game.

    2. Contain your TE's, from what I have seen Shannon Sharpe still gets alot of balls his way, correct me if I am wrong. With our young linebackers covering the TE's scares me.

    3. Have some production on Offence, maybe put up about 24 points and we might win.

    4. NO TURNOVERS - I believe and I could be wrong but the last three games we have had something like 13 turnovers, Pittsburgh 5, Seattle 4, St louis 4, again I could be wrong but thats fairly close, and if thats fairly close then thats pretty bad.

    Any way I don't know alot about your team except the obvious. So any feedback is good. Again guys and ladies I don't come here to talk smack but just good old football.

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    Welcome. We have a go to guy in Rod Smith whom you're overlooking. Ed Mcaffrey has stepped up his play and if Lelie could just do what he does in practice on game day then you'll have a huge passing game.

    You'll need to stop our WRs, TEs, RBs, Running QBs..... there's too much to stop. If the Browns think they can put a ton of guys in the box and force jake to beat them then jake is going to crush them.

    For the Broncos I think we need

    - A good pass rush
    - Our continued speed on defense. Part of the reason the rams gave up a good many runs last night was that they were too slow.
    - Improved passing game, continued great running. Our passing game really was great in the chiefs game, but any time your back runs for over 200 yards any passing success is going to be overlooked.
    - Improved special teams. Reuben Droughns can't bail us out all the time, especially with a sprained ankle. Micah Knorr played well last week, let's see if he can continue that.

    I won't say good luck, but thanks for stopping by.


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      When you play the Broncos, you do not know who will be the key player. One week it's Shannon Sharpe, the next Jake Plummer or Clinton Portis. It's a pick your poison type of deal.

      To be honest, I was rooting for the Browns last night....that's because I can't stand the Rams.

      good luck next week....

      And Chief fans, you can learn something from this Brown's fan.

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        I saw your browns play the steelers in pittsburgh and show them how to play football in an hostile place, all the trash talking porter was giving pre game was unbelievable, but couch showed he can be a good qb the browns were AWESOME that day and in my pro pickems i started to pick the browns but to my dismay you guy's didn't build on that.

        But you showed you have the capability to play you browns won't be an easy touch,


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          On paper, Broncos beat the Browns without breaking a sweat. Then again....on paper, the Broncos beat the Bears, too.

          The fact of the matter, as I see it, is the best thing the Browns have going for them, is the undeniable fact that my beloved Broncos play down to the level of competition they face (or up, in the case of the Chefs).

          Thats the best chance the Browns have. The Broncos will play down to the level the Browns play at, thus giving them the chance to take the game. (Hope that doesn't sound TOO derogatory)
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            Re: ....

            Originally posted by Trench777
            [B]On paper, Broncos beat the Browns without breaking a sweat. Then again....on paper, the Broncos beat the Bears, too.[B]
            i think this is key, we've been really inconsistent week to week, so i'm less confident for the browns game than i was for the bears game. although, i'm still pretty darn confident.

            dawgbone - if the browns are going to win they'll have to do it in the air. our pass D is our weekest link right now. i don't know anything about the browns but i'm guessing they don't have a stronger running attack than kc and denver has been consistent against the run.

            go broncos
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              Welcome dawgbone. I saw most of your MNF game last night. Your D impressed me and your O kept it close. It looked like Couch could've ran for the 1st down on the last 3rd or 4th down but maybe there was a defender guarding for that that the TV didn't show.


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                One thing I noticed about the Browns defense last night was that the DE's (and maybe OLB's at times) stayed home when it looked like a run going away from them. This could prove to be a sound tactic when playing the Broncos. You may have noticed that the Chiefs focused "too much" attention on Portis at times leaving Jake all alone on the naked boots. Jake is dangerous outside of the pocket, but Jake outside of the pocket ALONE is a recipe for toast.
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                  I thought the Browns D was dam good last night as well. I can't stand the Rams either. I thought Cleveland would find a way to pull it out.

                  Sorry Puppies. We aren't going to be as kind. We are going to pick up where we left off with the Chefs.

                  GO BRONCOS!!
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                    I saw Cleveland WR Quincy Morgan play college ball at Kansas State and he has some big time abilities. I know he's had a down year this year, but he's definitely someone to watch out for. Our secondary has to at least have a game like they had Sunday against KC.
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                      Good Luck Sunday, hopefully it is a good game........


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                        the browns d was very impressive. their offensive line was what lost the game. couch got sacked like 2-3 times in the 4th quarter when things started getting critical.

                        well...the browns d has a lot to worry about sunday. after watching and hearing about portis' game against the chefs, they might play a tight run d. but they again, they might expect that we know we might not be able to use portis a lot, so they might play a passing d....(srry if thats confusing...i know chef fans that come here that are a little....slow )

                        because shanahan is a smart coach, he will most likely practice everything all week, and then adjust to the brown d on sunday.

                        BRING IT BROWNS!!!
                        GET READY FOR A BRONCO BEAT-DOWN!!!
                        Broncos suck!!Hahahahahahahaha. thats the funniest thing i ever heard... broncos suck.... hahahaha must be a team that cant get over their loss to us...


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                          i know chef fans that come here that are a little....slow :goofy
                          The Chiefs fans were on our boards when we played them this year and they seemed like a class act, they're nothing like loser Steelers fans who are the worst of the bunch. Then again, maybe its the whole division rival thing.


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                            Being a Cincinnati native, and following the Bengals, I can relate to your observation regarding Steeler fans. They are the most hated team of that division like the Raider fans are in this division.

                            We have not had the misfortune of Steeler fans coming here. With their record, they should be hiding under a rock!

                            GO BRONCOS!!
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                              I have always had respect for the Browns.
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