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    Originally posted by vLordChronicv View Post
    Tebows College state florida. He aint losing this game
    You mean Tebows STATE. He's from Jacksonville Florida.


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      Originally posted by vLordChronicv View Post
      Tebows College state florida. He aint losing this game
      Plus they are honoring the 2008 national championship game


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        I honestly believe we now live or die with Tim and I don't think yesterdays switch was Fox's call at all. I had to watch from home so at half time when Sharpe said that they have no choice but to play Tebow now and Tim indeed come out after half time I felt like Shannon being friends with Elway knew what would happen in certain situations. Like if Kyle came out and played good then he would remain the starter and was told if he struggled they would make the switch. Maybe I am reading to much into it but either way with Tebow almost leading a comeback and the fans reaction after the game I would say if Fox goes back to Orton then chaos will ensue in Denver.

        What he needs to do is come out today before releasing the players on there Bye week is announce Tim as the starter and have him work with the center and first team players to get ready for Miami. Just my 2 cents


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          Tewbow time!!!


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            Fox cannot go back to Orton


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              Yesterday's game was a change in commitment. Now Coach Fox HAS TO PLAY TEBOW.

              He knew that before he made the change. That's why he was so hesitant to do it, there's no going back now. He lives in fame or goes down in flames with Tebow.

              Timmy will start the rest of the season. I don't think a total implosion by him would change it at this point...
              "That's a crap question."
              - Kyle Orton


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                I voted other because I think Andrew Luck is going to start for us next week..heeeheeee...GO LUCK! YEEEEEAH!


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                  Originally posted by Roddoliver View Post
                  I was not expecting a change so fast. And if it had to happen, I thought it would be after a game later in the season, or maybe during the bye week to allow some preparation. Not after the 2nd quarter. It was a big surprise to me.

                  At this point, any compensation for Orton would be a good deal. Whatever the team can get for him. But it's not happening. Orton's base salary in 2011: $7.379 million. 29th highest base salary in the NFL. Aaron Rodgers' base salary in 2011: $7.25 million. Who will throw a draft pick, pay this salary and risk losing Orton in next year's free agency?

                  What would have to happen: Orton knows his time in Denver is over. He won't feel good as a backup. And it will be an awkward situation considering what happened during the offseason. He would have to find a team, see if there is mutual interest, agree to a new contract. And there is a very short time left.

                  And how will the locker room respond to this situation? I'm sure Brandon Lloyd wants Orton on the field. Eric Decker too. McGahee recently said "Kyle's our guy. That's who we're rolling with. Whoever doesn't like it, it is what it is. He's leading the Denver Broncos. He's running the show. So, I mean, I think everybody just needs to get over it."
                  Me too, i saw him in the game, was shocked, glad they made the move, let's hope we take a step forward with TT the rest of the way.


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                    I picked Tebow because that's who I want to see as starter.

                    But I'm not 100% convinced that EFX will really go that way - I wouldn't rule Orton out yet.

                    BRING BACK ORANGE!!


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                      Originally posted by Chillez View Post
                      I was happy see Raiders win today for Al Davis. It seemed like team played inspired football for him this was only time I've ever been happy to ever see them win a game.
                      Thanks buddy. I'm rooting for you guys to get a lot better as well. The AFC West and the NFL in general isn't the same for me when the Raiders and the Broncos aren't solid teams at each other's throats.

                      Elway will do right by you guys, he loves the Broncos like Al loved the Raiders. The only downside is you guys need to be patient, give it a few years and the team will be on the upswing again before you know it.

                      And I honestly believe Tebow is your QB. I watched him play in person in Oakland last year, and even though we won, he kept you guys competitive and in the game. I felt if the Raiders took their foot off the gas after the half, Tebow could engineer a victory and make us look pretty bad.

                      On top of all that, Orton's contract is over at the end of the season. I don't think it makes any sense at this point to show him any loyalty. Focus on the future IMO.
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