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    Originally posted by elecshoc View Post
    With everything you posted about Brandon that's all gravy. What I mean is that Brandon has gained value while a member of the Broncos. Anything we trade for him is a gain, even if we extend him it's a gain. The Broncos started out paying him next to nothing and now have a all pro wr to sign or trade.

    This is a very good spot to be in for the Broncos value wise, the picks if we trade are picks that the Broncos payed very little for and the contract if he signs would be one he gained.

    The point now is to figure out the value, is Brandon worth 10 mil a year? Is he worth a 3rd round pick? We can't decide on this move until it's made and we know the picks or the worth of the contract. Declaring it the wrong move now is a little premature IMO.
    But, Lloyd holds value on this team right now, we have a young QB who needs a veteran receiver he can trust to build confidence. Do we have somebody that can fill his spot? I don't know, I would feel better about trading him if DT wasn't always injured, and if he had been playing this year and looking good.

    We trade Lloyd and we will be fine, if Eddie Royal can return to his rookie form and stay healthy, if DT can actually get on the field, and if he can live up to his potential, if Decker can take over the number one spot and can handle double coverages, and the league's best CBs. That's a lot of "ifs" making trading Lloyd very risky.

    In the offseason maybe this kind of trade is safer, but in the middle of the season, right after a QB change, this type of trade is incredibly risky, and likely to come back and bite us.


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      Originally posted by HUMCALC View Post
      It was a fun play to watch at Florida, but there's a few problems:

      They rarely run it in the NFL & when they do, they tend to use it with RBs, not TEs
      I don't think Portland State ran it much
      That play went for a TD at Florida
      I doubt that our play-caller get that creative
      Fixed it for you

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        Know what else is awesome?

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