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    Originally posted by draco193 View Post
    Do you have some firm game charting numbers for the 5 yards down field tackle, or is it just a general assessment from live play and memory? Last year DJ averaged his tackles at only 4.2 yards downfield. He actually was involved in roughly the same percentage of our teams defensive plays (16%), as Ray Lewis was with the Ravens (18%), Brian Urlacher of the Bears (17%), Patrick Willis of the 49ers (17%), and London Fletcher of the Redskins (17%) about twice as much as Clay Mathews for the Pack (9%).

    As far as his tackles downfield, he was better than Patrick Willis, London Fletcher, and Jerod Mayo on yards gained before tackle.

    I haven't run the actual numbers to see if there is a significant statistical difference between the players ranked at the top (roughly 2.8 yards per run play) and the rest, so, I cant say there is any difference between the performances for 100% certainty.

    DJ can certainly improve, I just don't think he's making plays late as often as people think he is. We also have had so little talent in front of him for so long, it becomes tough to compare. Ray Lewis gets more opportunities to make plays, because his line has been so good at forcing backs into holes where he has responsibility. I think all of our backers have had the issue that they have to fight through a ton of garbage to make plays, and it makes them looks worse than what they could be.

    (all stats by Footballoutsiders)
    I bow my head to you. I have no statistics to back of my claims, it was just the feeling I got from watching the games.

    I don't know why people think saying the WW is playing better than DJ right now means he needs to be traded though. I just want WW to continue to get a ample amount of play time, not trade away DJ.

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      Originally posted by johnlimburg View Post
      I have wanted Wesley to start for a long time now. Told by many he will never be a starter and doesn't weigh enough and all that typical bs that is said about smaller guys.

      Wesley is a beast and I would prefer him start over DJ right now.

      DJ if he could net us a 3rd round pick would be worth it. We also have Irving waiting and IMO is more of a WILL than a MIKE and with Mays it would allow us to develop Irving as the backup. And Mario Haggan is a very valuable player to have as a backup. Veteran and versatile. He should be re-signed.

      Trade DJ for a 3rd if possible.

      That would be a starting linebacker crew of Miller who is 22 years old. Joe Mays who is 26 years old. Wesley Woodyard who is 25 years old.

      That is a great group for the future.
      Went to UK with Wesley. Don't know who has met him person. But he played linebacker in the SEC at 215 lbs. No way he weighed that much. More like 195. No joke. Great defender and he is very smart on the field, ask anyone.
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