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    Hey, I am a member of the Colorado Army National Guard and I am deployed to Afghanistan. The Public Affairs guys have given us an opportuinity in the past to do Soldier Shout Outs, where they record us and send it to our home town teams. Do these videos actually get played on the jumbotron? I have done 1 earlier this year with 2 other service members.

    Tomorrow I am trying to get A TON of people to show up, if not to shout out for the Broncos (you'd be suprised how few fans there are on my base) then to do a seperate shout out; "It's Tebow Time".

    I made a sign for the Tebow one and have gotten diehard Alabama, LSU and Auburn fans to pledge to show up and shout out for Tebow.

    Just curious if you all back home ever get to see them.
    I might wear green, but I bleed Orange and Blue!

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    Has anyone seen any taped shout outs on the Jumbotron?
    I might wear green, but I bleed Orange and Blue!


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      yes they do and they usually have the soldiers family in the crowd on the screen also
      "Respect is not given it is earned dog gonit...and they don't respect us...nobody respects know what you got to do in that situation? TAKE IT!!! TAKE IT!!"


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        Well, look for me and as many service members as I can muster to shout out "It's Tebow Time!" soon. They are shooting it tomorrow and then sending it as well. We will have the homemade sign on a piece of cardboard I got out of the trash.

        I wish I could film it and then fly back and see it.
        I might wear green, but I bleed Orange and Blue!


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          Yup! We get those! They always get a good applause too!

          I'll keep an eye out for yours! :thumb:



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            We appreciate you
            "It's been all business. Everybody's asking me where I'm living. I been living over here, living here at the facility."


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              I think I saw a couple on TV last year when it was local only, but yeah on the jumbotron for sure.


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                Yeah, my units got played in the Georgia Dome when we were out there last year. What FOB you on? My unit was based out of kabul, we went down south to kandahar to clear routes down that way as well, towards the end we spent our last 4 months at FOB Lagman.

                12b Combat Engineers, Sappers lead the way, Hooah!!


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                  thank you to all of our service members for all of your selfless service. come home safe.

                  1st brigade 1/16th infantry devision.
                  THE BIG RED 1[/COLOR]
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                    Thank you!!!! :usa::usa::usa:
                    "January 25, 1998: The night God answered our prayers


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                      Thank you for your services and everything you do for this country I hope it all works out for you. :~)


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                        The military deserves our highest respects & they have mine
                        "Happiness is just an illusion, filled with sadness and confusion." Jimmy Ruffin


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                          I am the TMC NCOIC at the New Kabul Compound in Kabul.
                          I might wear green, but I bleed Orange and Blue!


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                            Originally posted by RLNTLS View Post
                            I am the TMC NCOIC at the New Kabul Compound in Kabul.
                            Hooah! enjoy Sergeant, I did my year. I PCS back state side in december, Im with 2nd strkyer calvary regiment out of Vilseck... Sapper team leader.. I guess the good thing is when your done you get to go back home. Im active duty, but i love it, such an easy lifestyle when we arent deployed. Enjoy Trashghanistan, I did my time out there lol


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                              Hey guy!

                              Thanks for your service..

                              here is an idea...

                              tomorrow you should kneel down and have the
                              group be Tebowing during the shout out!
                              - Go Broncos 2017 and Beyond! -

                              Super Bowl 50 CHAMPIONS!