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How many QBs would still be around if they were judged after 5 starts

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  • Originally posted by ERoyal248 View Post
    Ok, i'll use that same logic.

    Are Orton and Quinn guaranteed to play here next year, highly doubtful. The only QB under contract next year is Tebow, so he should be the one playing the rest of the season for the good or the bad.
    if it is nothing but bad he shouldn't be playing. His play affects more than just himself it affects all the players. At some point everyone sees enough. If that means quinn plays if that means orton plays then so be it. At that point it wouldnt matter who is under contract becuase everyone would have seen enough. I just cant see a team doing that to a guy in that situation. And considering fox had to think it over before naming tebow the starter this week means he wont drag tebow through game after game of humiliation.


    • He gets to maybe halftime of the Oakland game . At fear of losing the veteran guys on the team, and well lets be honest...i love the kid , but he is nowhere near an nfl qb. To be honest , i hope they don't start the kid this week just to help him save face.


      • I just hate to throw away an entire draft looking for another qb who will take the same time if not longer to develop
        Exactly. Thank you. And not only longer to develop but possibly bust. I hate the fact that if u support this line of thinking your automatically labelled as Tebow lover.


        • The problems Tim has been having were present at the Senior bowl. They were pointed out, and he has had a lot of time to work on these areas.

          Is there some secret training that can take place in the next few weeks, that was not available for the last 2 years?

          He was rushed into this audition by his fans. The consequence of that is apparent.
          Waiting to hear from adoption agency


          • Originally posted by mojo0730 View Post
            Steve Young found himself in an incredible situation in San Francisco.

            Again, these comparisons make absolutely no sense. One example or even a handful of examples does not mean Tebow will eventually make it as a dominant NFL quarterback. There are plenty more examples going the other way that indicate Tebow won't make it.

            As I said, this is a SKILL SET problem not an experience problem.
            you must be kidding me? Steve Young's critics said many of the same things about him that everyone is saying about Tebow.

            bad delivery, bad footwork, not setting his feet when he throws the football, missing wide open guys.

            the Bucs went 2-14 under Steve Young and then gave up on him. Bill Walsh saw something in Young's abilities, and called Tampa Bay and made the trade happen, as TB was all too happy to get rid of him. Looking back, I wonder how sick they felt when he won the Super Bowl with the 49'ers in 1994 against the San Diego Chargers?


            the Buccaneers posted 2–14 records in each of Young's two seasons with them, and Young's record as starter was 3–16. In his 19 games, he threw for only 11 touchdowns with 21 interceptions while completing fewer than 55% of his passes. Although his time in Tampa Bay was miserable, San Francisco 49ers coach Bill Walsh was impressed by Young's natural abilities and felt that his problems were due to the struggling Bucs organization.

            Originally posted by brandon8978 View Post
            STOP using the 5 STARTS as a excuse. It has nothing to do with the fact that he has only started 5 games. Cam Newton was good his first start. Ponder for Minnesota, Dalton for Cincy both are performing well with only a few starts under their belt.
            so all other NFL QB's get 22-32 games under center to prove themselves, but Tebow is only allowed 5 starts? How bout yout STOP with the DOUBLE STANDARD? New QB's have bad games, New QB's play bad football, the only thing it proves is that NFL qb's on average do not come into the league and have success right off the bat. His stats in his first 5 games are well above those of some of the greats that have played the game!

            Comparing Tebow’s first 5 games to the best QBs in NFL history

            Even if we were to forget about the fact that he entered a situation where the incumbent starting QB didn’t have the least bit of interest in trying to help him improve….

            And even if we were to forget about the fact that before starting his second season he had to transition to a new coach – a coach who doesn’t like him by the way – and a new system – in the midst of a lockout that made it impossible for him to immerse himself completely into the offense….

            And even if we were to forget about the fact that his team traded away his best wide receiver the week before he was supposed to make his first start (on this team that had a new coach and new system)….

            And even if we were to forget about the fact that the media, as a general rule, wants him to fail and has scrutinized him more than any other 25th pick in NFL history….

            We could still look at his stats from his first five NFL starts and compare them to every quarterback that’s been inducted into the Hall of Fame since the year 2000 (plus two more who will be someday)…and we would realize that the Broncos, so far, have gotten exactly what they paid for.


            Comps Atts Pct Yards Yards Per Att Passing TDs Ints Rushing Yds Rushing TDs Win/Loss
            Tim Tebow 57 118 48.31% 891 7.55 7 3 302 4 2 – 3
            John Elway 38 79 48.10% 420 5.32 1 5 41 0 2 – 3
            Jim Kelly 81 138 58.70% 1127 8.17 6 5 33 0 1 – 4
            Troy Aikman 58 125 46.40% 894 7.152 3 8 38 0 0 – 5
            Steve Young 72 138 52.17% 935 6.78 3 8 233 1 1 – 4
            Warren Moon 66 139 47.48% 1022 7.35 4 3 44 0 0 – 5
            Dan Marino 87 144 60.42% 1177 8.17 12 3 10 1 4 – 1
            Joe Montana 64 114 56.14% 662 5.80 6 4 40 0 1 – 4
            Peyton Manning 93 169 55.03% 1129 6.68 4 12 33 0 1 – 4
            Tom Brady 99 159 62.26% 1023 6.43 7 4 8 0 3 – 2

            We just played an elite team and got our butts kicked! Did Orton play any better against the Packers? NO! and I doubt Tebow would have either.

            The QB position is not the only problem with this team! But we've seen Orton struggle game in and game out, going 6-27 as a starter here in Denver, so I think the least that can be afforded to Tim Tebow is to give him the same respect, by letting him play all 11 games this year, and all 16 games next year, before we decide to kick him to the curb.

            my god, people have gone mad!
            Super Bowl XXXII, XXXIII & 50 Champs


            • Let Tebow go through his growing pains for the rest of this season. Hopefully he improves.

              If he doesn't, we'll have a new starting QB for the 2012 season


              FA Targets: DT Jason Jones, DT Pat Simms, S Reggie Smith, LB Dan Connor



              • Originally posted by shawinkerpoppin View Post
                and you know who couldnt win the job without someone losing it. I stand by my opinion that quinn should be put in if tebow continues to play like this.

                Answer me this. Who would benefit from tebow playing all 9 remaining games and tanking in each one?
                The Broncos win regardless.

                If Tebow gets better, we win, if he sucks, we have a high draft pick that can be used on a QB, or someone on the defensive side of the ball to go with Von.

                It's really that simple.

                Going back to Orton makes absolutely no sense.


                • Originally posted by shawinkerpoppin View Post
                  I would rather have quinn get his shot at starting. I think at some point if orton goes out there its more about giving the other offensive players a chance to succeed im addition to winning. Lloyd knew and felt like orton was his best chance at success. Orton would help out in the evaluation of Thomas and Decker and the other WRs and TEs. But really I would like to see quinn get his shot regardless of it costing us a 3rd round pick. I think for certain reasons quinn might show up for the job and take it.

                  I really think that at some point if tebow keeps sucking and you keep playing him your not helping anyone and you will eventually lose players as the season nears end.
                  Quinn sucks man, he sucked with the Browns, he sucked in the preseason, he's not all of a sudden going to get it.

                  And we have a TON of holes, not a chance we can afford giving up a 3rd round pick.

                  Give Tim the rest of the year, if he does good, awesome, if he sucks, it gets us a higher pick for a QB or someone on defense to build with Von.


                  • Originally posted by mojo0730 View Post
                    Again, that's a totally different argument.

                    It's not Fox's job specifically to develop Tim Tebow, just like it wasn't Dungy's job specifically to develop Peyton Manning (who was already a Pro Bowl quarterback and perennial playoff quarterback before Dungy took over). That's the coordinator's job and the quarterback's coach's job. Yet no one makes the statement about Dungy that he couldn't develop young quarterbacks, even though he had a horrid track record with quarterbacks prior to going to the Colts.

                    Now, is he responsible for it all? Absolutely, which is the point you're making and one I'm not disagreeing with. But it's not his job to work one-on-one with Tebow making sure he's getting his mechanics down correctly.
                    If all you are trying to say is Fox does not work one on one with QBs then you are right.

                    If you are trying to take away ANY responsibility from Fox in how the QB on his team is coached, while he is the head coach and picks his lower coaches, then I have to disagree.

                    As for Dungy...I have two hardcore TB friend fans and one hardcore Indy fan friend...they all agree if Dungy had to "develop" a QB with "his" coaches he probably never would have won a championship.

                    Sometimes a coach needs a GM to step in and say "you do not know how to pick that person, I am gonna pick it for you"
                    Let's Ride!


                    • The only difference between other young qb is the entire FO
                      is behind them. They give them full support and mostly they
                      put their qb in a situation where they can be productive on the
                      other hand, Tebow have to run the "offense" he is not used to
                      running. The coaching staff isn't helping the kid either by not
                      giving him plays that will get him into a rythm. He is forced to
                      stay in the pocket rather trusting him and to make plays.

                      If you listen to the soundfx last season, they giving him the key
                      to make things happen but for some reason they won't let him
                      be himself and make plays.