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  • Originally posted by PAINTERDAVE View Post
    Do you mean Weber?
    Yep,just testing you Weber


    • Originally posted by johnlimburg View Post
      I would call him the future.
      Then I would call you wildly optimistic.



      • Originally posted by Mortal View Post
        Wildly optimistic? Optimistic, maybe, but he's still a far better quarterback than Tebow at this point.
        Not by any stretch is he a "far better quarterback." He's slightly better as a passer, but vastly inferior when it comes to doing what needs to be done to win games.

        Comp: 92 Att: 169 54.4% YDS: 1,141 AVG: 6.75 TD:6 INT: 6 Fumb: 2 Rating: 72.6 Record 1-4

        Comp: 106 Att: 225 47.1% YDS: 1506 AVG: 5.96 TD: 8 INT: 1 Fumb 2 Rating: 81.1 Record 5-1
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        • Originally posted by Brohemoth View Post
          Most people are ignorant and those particular Vikings fans obviously haven't left their little bubble to research the opponent. They let the media think for them. I will stop there before I go on a two-page rant about the other various aspects of life this post applies to.
          They are all like that. TRUST me... It can be miserable listening to them talk sometimes here in MN.
          Go Broncos!!!


          • a big bump


            • "Sorry, but our Christian has nothing on the zealot on the other sideline. Another big win for him. Wow. He's better than I expected BTW."