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So I guess now it's not even a college style offense

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    Defense Wins championships!


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      All yards are not created equal. Rushing yards are much more valuable than passing yards. When you throw for 400 yds, you usually lose. When you run for 400 yds, you never lose.


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        Originally posted by japfaff View Post
        When your O barely scores 14 points...You should lose the game. It is that simple. When the D is holding teams to 13 points...That win is all on the D. Right now our O is playing like one of the worst in the league. In fact I would bet in yardage and points scored we are either the bottom of the league or bottom 5...yet on D I would bet the we are in the top 5.

        As for your Raven argument.....They weren't known as a powerhouse O either...Their d won them the ball games as well
        Once again, how many points has the defense scored over the last 6 games? How many points has our opponents scored over the last 6 games?

        What drives me nuts about your argument is that it's intellectually dishonest. What happened when we were down by 10 to the Chargers? Our offense opened it up! What happened? We scored a TD! What happened when we got within a field goal? We went back to running the football! What happened when we were down to the Jets? We passed, and Tebow ran. What happened when we were down the the Dolphins? We passed.

        Our offense doesn't stink as much as you say. That's the simple fact. Whenever our O needs to kick it into high gear, we do. But when the game is close? We go back to running the football and playing conservative. Don't you notice how the play-calling changes? Please.

        I guess only you expect to score 40-something points running the football 50 times....

        It's strategy. We run the football. We play keep away from the other team. Then they don't have very many opportunities to score. We control the pace. We control the game. That's another reason why other teams aren't scoring as much. They don't get the opportunities.


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          Originally posted by japfaff View Post
          In fact I would bet in yardage and points scored we are either the bottom of the league or bottom 5...yet on D I would bet the we are in the top 5.
          Yes, the D is performing lights out but if I'm not mistaken the offense in *yardage* with the ground game is leading the NFL right now.

          Anytime a team wins it is because the defense held the other team to less points than the offense.


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            It makes football very simple. 11 guys trying to get past 11 guys. If your 10 are all willing to and can block for the ball-carrier, he'll be in good shape and will have to take-on one defender.

            Of course it doesn't fall together quite that simply, but the read-option is about that one guy, and Tebow almost always makes the right play.


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              It still amazes me that so many people talk about this offense like it is static.

              "It can't be sustained!" is the cry from the peanut gallery.

              Guess what?

              It is evolving.. and as Tim improves..
              once the wideouts actually catch more of the passes he throws...
              there will be more balance.

              The read option will become.. just one more tool in the bag.

              It is smash mouth, hit 'em hard football...
              and we do it well. We will do it better soon.

              Last week.. Tim rushed for a record 22 times...
              AND he increased his passing 9-18..
              the magic 50% number so many said he must achieve.

              Yet there was a post in this thread decrying his "8 pass attempts".

              Let go of the Detroit loss..
              and the Miami struggle...
              look to the Vikings game...
              we should see some more improvement.

              This offense is changing/growing along with Tim.
              - Go Broncos 2017 and Beyond! -

              Super Bowl 50 CHAMPIONS!


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                Exactly. The offense will evolve slowly during the season. It will evolve greatly before the start of next season. It will make some noise in the playoffs this year. Next year it will do some damage.


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                  Originally posted by SM19
                  Easterbrook's columns usually have one or two good points about how coaches demonstrably blitz too much and punt too much, the impact of which is considerably lessened by his tendency to repeat them ad nauseum. Otherwise, his column is basically like Peter King's MMQB, but for literate people. I was a fairly regular reader until I realized that he's completely serious about his autotext writing most of the column every week.

                  That said, did anyone actually read what he wrote? It's almost entirely complimentary toward Tebow and the Broncos. Seems to me some of us are a little too eager to take offense.
                  I read it. My criticism is based on his ignorance of football. If he comments on the offense the Broncos are running and calls it high school, don't give up the line of reasoning. Support it with X and O facts, not stupid incidental stuff like running onto the field through a sign.

                  Whether or not he is complimentary of Tebow is irrelevant. Bill Walsh said that he found more similarity between pro football and HS football than between college and pro. He was in a position to know having coached quite successfully at all three of those levels.
                  "Stultum est timere quod vitare non potes." ~ Publilius Syrus


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                    Originally posted by SM19
                    Sorry Sam, that last bit wasn't really directed at you. It was more a general statement of surprise that so many people think Easterbrook's bashing us. He's very clearly not, and in fact I thought that underneath the jokes his tone was one of admiration, not mockery.
                    No problem. We're good.
                    "Stultum est timere quod vitare non potes." ~ Publilius Syrus


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                      Keep. Hating.


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                        Originally posted by JerseyAdam View Post
                        Keep. Hating.
                        "Stultum est timere quod vitare non potes." ~ Publilius Syrus