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Cinderella story: IF.. Denver goes all the way..

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  • Cinderella story: IF.. Denver goes all the way..

    To start off.. this thread is just to give some common discussion on this thought I had.. and the second thing I want to point out here.. IN NO WAY am I saying that I think this team is currently a SB contender.. Not by a long shot..


    If Denver were to go to the superbowl under our current conditions.. What would that mean? Would it rate up there as one of the greatest Cinderella stories of all time? Up there with the 03 Bucs, 08 Giants or even the Saints of 2010?... Where would we lay?

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    I think it'd top them. A QB who wasn't supposed to see a down in the NFL proving his critics wrong? A defense that went from worst to almost first? Yea it'd go down as probably the greatest cinderella story.

    ...I just hope we make the playoff lol.


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      even if the broncos were to go all the way, i'd still think kurt warners story would be the better story


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        Originally posted by lilchun87 View Post
        even if the broncos were to go all the way, i'd still think kurt warners story would be the better story
        Its a better story.

        People like Tebow better however.


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          Top NFL underdog story ever. At least the Super Bowl era.


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            Man talk about irony. Josh McDaniels who screwed our team over for 2 years ended up actually being a hero. He got us Tebow and sucked enough to get us Miller. That would be a crazy story that IMO would top all crazy SB stories just due to the state the team as a whole was in, not just talking about Tebow.



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              Cinderella story absolutely. Even if we don't one thing I can say is we've gone back to the days where teams are like "geez this is gonna be a long day" we go at teams, we bring it to them. We go toe to toe and say even if you beat us we are gonna make you pay for doing it. No longer are teams running us over, I'm so amped we are going out throwin haymakers it's been a long tine
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                The team nobody wants to play.


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                  You would hear how lucky the Broncos were for winning the superbowl. 1st week matchup would be a great game with Broncos squeaking by.

                  Then would have to play Houston as the 2nd round match. Well having no good qb, Broncos roll Houston with the Defense stopping Foster.

                  Well New England gets upset in their match up leaving Baltimore. Flacco doesn't show up and has his usual crappy game with the defense stopping Ray Rice and Tebow leading a game winning drive with 5 minutes to go after being completely shut down the entire game. Ray Rice after the game, "What I saw today was unbelievable, I feel like Revis after he missed a tackle on Tebow in that last drive against the Jets."

                  Packers and Saints both get knocked out of the playoffs and the 49ers make it to the Superbowl. Instead of seeing one of those great 49ers moments in Superbowl history you see Tebow leading his team down the field with a game winning TD with no time left to a TE.

                  Then you have Hoge the following Monday on ESPN saying, "Well, Tebow had the easiest path to a Superbowl ever, and there is no way that Tebow can win another Superbowl, he just isn't a good quarterback"


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                    Its kinda hard to beat the 99 rams with Warner coming after Green went down in preseason then leading them to one of the greatest offenses of all time and a ring.


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                      Nice to think about but not gonna happen.

                      It would be crazy if it did.


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                        While Kurt Warner would have to be the "best underdog" story; I think the Denver story would get a LOT more press. The name Tim Tebow has a life unto itself and would transcend the underdog story.

                        Now that I think about it, it would probably be the most watched show in Television history with Tebow in the Super Bowl in his first starting season; especially bringing the team back from the brink of despair.


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                          They made a movie about Micheal Orh they might go ahead and make a movie about Tebow . I'm sure Disney is licking their chops

                          We go to SB against undefeated Packers 14 pt under dogs Tebow does helicopter in end zone to win game
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                            they are making a movie about Vick, im excited to see because i loved watching Vick since VT


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                              I'd be just as shocked as anyone if it happened. But if it does, I'd imagine it would rank top 5 easily.