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    Originally posted by Hadez View Post
    I think I had us winning 5 or 6 games with orton as starter

    Will be honest and even if tebow was starter I did not think we would do this good. I knew Tebow was gonna win the team over with a gutty performance I just did not think it would happen in his first two games of action.
    First two games? First HALF of action!


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      Originally posted by Key West Bronc View Post
      We understand...its that whole "I knew more than the rest of you and I bumped this thread so you can all acknowledge it....humbly....of course."
      Well is a message board! Pretty much every thing revolves around opinion and conjecture. I tried to add a little rational optimism and was pretty much responded to with the kind of snarky comments like the one you posted in this thread! So yeah, because of that, it would have been nice to see some acknowledgement from the tormenters. Its just that most of you are computer bullies who only accept people in your club. Oh and would probably never be as snarky in person either. Go ahead with your snark towards me tho. I got tough skin sometimes!
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        The 49ers are a perfect example of how much coaching can affect a team. We saw that when Nolan took over DC job. I love what our coaches have done this year but I would still love to see some bootlegs and play action passes where tebow has a pass/run option
        This is me in 1979 in Denver, found this the other day. BRONCO 4 LIFE!!!



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          I said the same thing we weren't as bad as people thought. Yes we are slighty overachieving, but what team doesn't at some point. We have alot of potential...a few holes that can be fixed in the next year. I had this team at 8-8 9-7. I record would be alot better if Tebow would of started. IMO we could of won the raiders, titans game for sure Chargers still a coin flip....but we are not that far away we need a solid draft. we need DT, LB,Safety and a RB


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            The only thing that was terrible was the teams atmosphere, glad we turned that around!


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              Originally posted by ParkHill-71 View Post
              as bad as everyone thought it was!!!
              This thread has nothing to do with Tim Tebow.
              My reason for starting this thread is to point out that there were signs that this team having key injuries and poor QB play at the wrong times. I never for once thought this team was going to win only 3 games or 4 games or even 5! You have a pass rusher in DOOM who can do just that. All pro! Champ Bailey, future hof! Goodman, strong number 2 corner! Dawkins, veteran leadership. DJ williams, great player and linebacker. Decker was balling at the time I started the other thread. E Royal on special teams. Great FG kicker. Brandon LLoydd.....please!

              I simply wanted to use the measuring stick of the win against the Cinci Bengals and how many points our sorry starting QB at the time put up. Our running back rushed for 101 yards against their defense that was top rated at the time.

              There were always signs this team was not horrible, and everytime I came here to the Bronco message boards, or heard a local radio host say that, it made me ill.

              I have always had them at 8-8 or 9-7 somewhere around that. Some of you Bronco fans lost faith not understanding that new coach(bonding with the team) and injuries and poor QB play was hurting this team...

              Now....for all the mean people, I already know what your going to say... something like, what do I want a cookie....or negative things like that, I can dig it. Just understand that when some of you were jumping made us mad.
              Im not an orton fan but our sorry QB at the time won that game against the bengals. u cant question his stats and not give hom credit for the win and then go and say all "timmy does is win, his poor stats mean nothing ".
              My friends over at Sports Radio Interviews sent me a link to an interview Pat Bowlen did with a Chicago-area radio station. While there is nothing earth-shattering here. Below is a segment of the transcript -

              What are the Bears getting in Jay Cutler?

              “They’re getting an extremely talented young quarterback.”

              Some one Please name me the last successful NFL QB that had to be taught how to throw the ball correctly.