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Goodman and the Slant

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    Originally posted by red 19 View Post
    Hopefully we get it figured out soon. Earl Bennett and Wes Welker over the next couple weeks could end up churning out the first downs against us.
    Welker in the slot means that Chris Harris gets him. It doesn't matter if it's Megatron, or Percy Harvin, or Wes Welker. Put him in the slot, and they're going against an undrafted rookie.

    Don't get me wrong, I love Chris Harris. It's not knock on him. It's more of a knock on Dennis Allen being inflexible.


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      Originally posted by Thrasher View Post
      No CB in the world is actually supposed to cover a slant except when he has inside shoulder and man coverage assigned.
      Best post in the thread.

      Why was Carter sitting 10 yards back when he saw the WR slant inside would be a better question. WRs do not fear going over the middle on us, something we need to fix this off season.
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