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Kiszla: Champ Bailey best defensive player in Broncos history

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    Originally posted by thundercty View Post
    Love Champ but wish he would just shave.

    I got a choppa in the car.........BOSSSSS


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      Originally posted by JayJack View Post
      1) Bailey: Thrives despite league rules rigged against him.

      2) Steve Atwater: Real MVP of the first Super Bowl victory.

      3) Randy Gradishar: Put the pop in the Orange Crush.

      4) Karl Mecklenburg: The thinking man's wrecking ball.

      5) Louis Wright: Among most underrated corners of all time.
      Man that is some mighty company to have your name listed with I got a little watery when reading it

      My favorite all time is Atwater and like Champ he is easily not only one of the greatest to play their respective positions but greatest of all-time in the NFL ... Ask anyone that's a fan of the game from multiple generations who they consider the greatest at their positions and their names will be in the conversation ..

      On a side note I went xmas shopping in a store that had Broncos gear in it which is not local in Ohio and man you should seen me .... :dance:

      So much for buying gifts for anyone but myself
      :logo: :logo: :logo: :logo: :logo:


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        Originally posted by 91bronco View Post
        He can't shave it now- that's the rally/good luck beard!!!

        Of course, didn't think of that!


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          Have my Champ, Davis, Elway, Tebow Jersey's now just need a Dawkins, Miller, and Doom.
          Manning to Thomas ev'ry day, all day.