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  • Originally posted by Crazy8 View Post
    You know, for not being a Tebow fan, you sure like to talk about him a lot.

    So, what does that mean exactly?
    Who said I'm NOT a Tebow fan?

    And you're reading way too much into this. It's an article I saw on a national website that relates to Tebow and by extension the Broncos. If you don't like what I post, I suggest you stop responding to me then.


    • Carter - 'Working on tackling'

      Good to hear, Carter and Moore's tackling has been really poor all season.

      I don't like to judge rookies too much, Polamalu really struggled and hardly played all rookie season, sometimes it takes time to learn.

      Hopefully they do well Sunday because Dawkins is doubtful and IMO won't have a chance of playing


      • Watch it in Manchester with Liam Gallagher


        • where exactly did you hear this?
          Fightin' Texas Aggie c/o '16


          • Originally posted by BroncoooJohnson View Post
            where exactly did you hear this?

            I don’t think things change at all for the secondary and the defense as a whole,” said safety Quinton Carter. “We’ve just got to be more detailed on the little things and tackle. These past few weeks, I’ve been tackling horribly. That’s a big thing we have to pick up on.”


            • Better late, then never. Why wait until the last game of the season though?


              • Originally posted by RockyMtnConvert View Post
                Retraining eyes for the ball? What exactly does that mean?
                Most drops happen when the receiver isn't looking the ball into his hands.

                Every receiver has ups and downs. I was confident through all of this that Decker would be fine. I also think he attracts more safety help than he did early in the season, which is part of the reason he's not targeted much. When you look at some of the deep throws DT has caught you will notice the safety going with Decker.
                Thank you to my grandfather jetrazor for being a veteran of the armed forces!


                • Originally posted by samparnell View Post
                  X on, H inside, Z outside, I was thinking X Dig, H and Y shallow Cross and Z Go/Curl. It would take more time to run those routes.

                  Mesh can be X Smash/Deep Curl, H Out, Z Whip Out.

                  Triangle is usually H Hook/Curl, X Fade, Z Whip Out.

                  There are other possible combos and names for them. You could do X Post, Z Dig, H Whip Out.

                  Just the Bunch receivers alone can cause coverage problems. When you include Y and R (RB), D had better have a plan.
                  Now this is what I live for.

                  I guess I don't understand the allignment. Do you have anyone on the weak side of the formation...errr...if it's tackle over, it would be the strong side? Or do you just have your tackle over to that side? If you insist on that, I'd just move the TE over there. That way it gives you a wee bit more flexibility. If you have your backs aligned right you could run a screen off of that look.

                  It's not my style of football, but I could work with it if I had to.

                  That tackle over business leaves us susceptible to the blitz on the weak side. If I saw that formation a 2nd time, I'd zone blitz to the trips side. They'd probably run some kind of soft coverage taking the where inside corner takes the inside route, the outside corner takes whoever shows up, and the middle corner takes whoever's left. You could easily replace one of the corners with a safety in a soft coverage look like that.

                  If all the receivers are on the same side, you can have H run your clear out route to that side....or this would be fun....motion Z inside and have them run your clear out. That's what I'd do.

                  That tells you the coverage right off the bat, and you've got more room to run your whip with H.

                  I think it's kind of gimmicky, but it'd be interesting to see what teams do.

                  How do they cover the TE? Do they? With all that going on on one side of the formation, the TE might be able to sneak a big play. Also, it means that the secondary has to stretch a little more to cover the TE deep. That could open up something on the weak side.

                  You could also run the option from that formation to the strong side. I think that would be fun.


                  • History is generally irrelevant in sports. Neither the Broncos or Chiefs resemble what they were in 2009, so comparing these teams to that is futile. Maybe the Broncos miss out again but it won't be because of what happened in 2009 or before.


                    • Originally posted by samparnell View Post
                      I haven't participated in the McCoy bashing partly because I respect what is being attempted and when it was initiated. What the Broncos are doing on O is different and receives differing responses from opposing defenses. It's a developing, unfolding effort.

                      It seems apparent that the basis of the Bronco offense is the rushing attack. Since the game at Oakland, the Broncos have used a variety of run plays from a great number of formations both under center and direct snap/shotgun.

                      What I've been looking for in the play calls is some kind of series based offense. That would be core running plays, plays that counter defensive adjustments to them, and play action passes off of them.

                      For example, the Broncos have a good Off Tackle play from Wing formations. It takes a good spotter in the box to identify defensive adjustments. Some kind of Counter play would be a run variation, and boot could be a PAP, for example. In order to get the defense to adjust, a certain core play must be run often enough to force adjustments.

                      Lombardi's Power Sweep (a misnomer because it was actually Veer) was run in order to force the defense to adjust. Lombardi had seven ways to attack the adjustments. The Broncos use a lot of formations in the run game. They run the same plays from different formations like Bill Walsh did.

                      Different formations have different play possibilities. Off Tackle can be run from: I formations with a Wing; Single Back formations with one or two Wings; unbalanced tandem tackle over; and, Power Pistol. Each one of those formations offers different ways of attacking adjustments to Off Tackle.

                      The last two games haven't been devoid of things the Broncos do well in the run game. Against NE, the Off Tackle with Virgil Green at Wing with Beadles kicking out was a very impressive play either from Single Back or one of the I Formations.

                      What I would like to see is a core running play, like Off Tackle, run from some under center and direct snap/shotgun formations enough to force the defense to adjust in order to stop it. Then, I would like to see complementary plays from each formation that attack those adjustments. Each formation presents different possibilities and collectively they add up to quite a few.

                      All this could be done before even getting to the PAP aspect. McCoy should organize his plays: core running plays; attacks on adjustments to core running plays; PAP off of core running plays. If they are serious about running the ball, the Broncos need a series-based offense. Do that and it will be hard to stop and less grab bag.

                      I love your knowledge and spirit.

                      Have you noticed the flats and curls are wide open during the games? We've talked about that.

                      It seems like every now and again, McCoy will attack it, but it isn't very often. Teams are covering the deep routes allowing underneath routes. What do we try to do? We try to go deep. :doh:

                      At least that's what I'm seeing.

                      I say you take what they give you. They've got their plan, and they'll work their plan for a series or two until you show them that their plan stinks. Make them cover the whole field. There's a Bill Walsh philosophy. Attack the flats. Pound the curls. Make them cover those. Then? Hit em' deep like you want.

                      I just don't understand the reasoning behind the plays called or the play designs. It's confusing for me when it comes to a team trying to win games.

                      Now if I saw the Colts or the Rams doing this, I'd completely understand.


                      • I'm sure they'll get there.

                        Both great athletes with great heads.


                        • About three of Decker's drops were caused in part by mis-timing his jump. He keeps jumping too early, and then he's on the way down when the ball comes, and he has to extend his arms and flatten out his hands.


                          • Originally posted by CoryWinget81 View Post
                            In that bunch formation, H and Z shallow cross inside and out with X hook and go blowing the top off the coverage. R flare underneath on the weak side while running drag to the empty side of the field.

                            Oh, and BTW, I have no idea what I'm talking about.

                            Hooray, beer!


                            • BroncoSexyDaddy, it is his 500th game to coach in, not win but I like the idea of winning it for him, Tebow, the D, EFX and myself. I want to watch a Bronco playoff game. I can't guarantee a win, but the Broncos will go down fighting to the end under Timmy's leadership. Broncos 24-10 this week and then host Baltimore/Pittsburg next week.

                              And then, a rematch with NE in their house. We can play with anyone, depends on limiting to's and getting some or our own. Lets go D, get KO and make him throw it to Champ. "GO BRONCOS"
                              Remember the Drive January 11, 1987
                              Bone thrown at me during the Drive
                              at Bar in Columbus Ohio


                              • Originally posted by Jay3 View Post
                                About three of Decker's drops were caused in part by mis-timing his jump. He keeps jumping too early, and then he's on the way down when the ball comes, and he has to extend his arms and flatten out his hands.
                                That's true, I've seen that. I've also seen him get tripped or even mugged a few times by the DB. Sometimes I wonder what gives with the officials never calling PI in favor of our receivers. It's gotten beyond ridiculous. I noticed it long before the no-call last weekend.
                                Thank you to my grandfather jetrazor for being a veteran of the armed forces!