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    Aldon Smith/SF and his 13 sacks darkhorse.
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      Von deserves it, but I don't care if he gets it. He'll help us win a superbowl while Smith sits on the bench during running downs.
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        Originally posted by BroncoFanNC View Post
        Smith has made 9.5 of those sacks off of just 4 teams.

        Pitt, TB, Rams, Lions.

        3 of those games were blow outs (meaning the other team needed to pass more than normal to try to keep up.)

        I think that inflates his stats a little.
        Justin Smith is a big reason Aldon has 13.5 sacks for the year.Justin Smith is a all out beast always occupying multiple blockers while Aldom gets to the QB.We need a beast like Justin Smith on our DL,Miller would have 20 sacks if we did.


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          justin smith has been the most disrespected and underrated lineman in this league for years
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            I'd give it to Jabaal Sheard before Aldon Smith.


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              Aldon smith took advantage of big Ben being a lame duck on MNF. That game alone will get him votes over von. They were giving him votes over von earlier in the year when the niners were getting alot of hype for winning despite von having all around better numbers and doing more than just rushing the passer.


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                The important thing is: Aldon Smith, Von Miller, Chris Harris, Quinton Carter... Big 12.


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                  Listen, I want Von to win DROY for many reasons. He is only 1.5 sacks back from Smith, but has 63 tackles/assisted tackles. That's over double what Smith has! (Smith is at 31).

                  The thing is, he was out for a game with the thumb and has played 2 more with a cast. Smith hasn't done that.

                  And I don't put much into the Steeler game. Big Ben could hardly walk, much less shed tacklers.

                  I think for me though, the biggest reason for Von to win DROY is to shut guys like this up and really make them eat their words:

                  In March 2011, Dave Razzano, a former NFL scout with 20 years of experience, compared Miller to Vernon Gholston. Gholston was drafted sixth overall by the New York Jets in 2008, but failed to record a sack in 42 games, and was later released. In regards to Miller, Razzano stated: "In looking at Big-12 tape, he does not have a motor. He doesn't chase hard. They run at him, and he doesn't fight off blockers. When he gets sacks, a lot of times he's not getting blocked. He's a one-move guy."
                  Well Dave, how's your comparison going so far? I think Von's motor is running hard enough to pull 10 semi's up the passes on I-70.


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                    Aldon has been a situational pass rusher for San Francisco this year. Whereas Von has done everything for Denver this year. Just because Aldon has 1.5 more sacks than Von doesn't mean he's going to win DROY. Aldon is an incredible talent and will continue to get better but Von is much more superior than Aldon in more aspects of the game and I'm not being biased. Aldon is good, but Von is better. Von has DROY locked, no question about it.


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                      Before he hurt his hand, Von was the best defensive player on the field against teams like the Jets, the Raiders, and the Chargers. And that includes Champ Bailey.

                      The same can't be said about Smith.

                      The smart guys in the room will give the award to Von Miller and the sensationalists will give it to Smith. Unless Miller gets back to form in the last two weeks.

                      Von wasn't wearing the "club" last week so the cast is going to be even smaller this week.


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                        I think Von might have lost the award, i mean 2 tackles in your last 2 games? He has 1 game to try and finish big, but it might be hard as Aldon Smith had yet another sack today. If Aldon breaks the rookie sack record next week against the rams(only needs 1 more) then von can kiss it good bye. Hopefully Von can get 5 sacks next week!


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                          The problem is the nfl is all over Aldon smith. Von miller has been non existing the past two games. While Von has been sensational, he would need a 3 sack game and to break Jevon Kearses record before Aldon smith does to win DROY.