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    It's not luck it's fate and if fate finishes what she started we will be just fine.
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      OK. First off, I'm mad at myself for giving this guy a click. But I did it, might as well make the most of it.

      Here's what he says:

      [/quote]1. Lucky teams are usually really good: During the past five years, the NFL's luckiest teams have won 12, 10, 12, 14 and 13 regular-season games, 12.2 a year. And they repeat it. Those teams won an average of 10.8 games the next season. So while luck is an argument, it's also granted to greatness.[/quote]

      Say what? There comes a time when you have to stop calling the "good teams" lucky and just say it is what it is, they're good. Luck isn't repeatable. That's why it's luck. If you're good, then it's not because you're lucky.

      So basically he negates his whole argument right here.

      2. Great QB play defines it: Those luckiest teams were led by Peyton Manning, Eli Manning, Ben Roethlisberger, Peyton again and Matt Ryan. We know that great quarterback is the antidote to many ailments. Denver's luck is clear due to regularly overcoming long odds, but it's also been a product of a quarterback that has dramatically upgraded performance late in games.
      So, are they defining "luck" by "you're lucky to have a great QB"? I don't get it. If your "luck" as a team is determined by the "skill" of one of the people on the team, and it's done repeatedly, then it's not luck. Again, he negates the whole premise of his article.

      3. You can make your own luck, to an extent: Dominating the turnover battle is an indicator of luck, because it tends to even out in a decent sample size. But what if you consistently get early leads, creatively scheme for quarterback pressure because opposing teams have to throw and can sit back and aggressively target interceptions with a packed secondary? Are Green Bay's ridiculous 29 INTs luck, the residue of design, or situational dominance?
      And finally, you don't make your own luck. If you did, then everyone would. But they don't. Winning the turnover battle is not just luck. Skill positions don't work on ball security in the hopes they will get lucky. QBs that don't turn the ball over usually don't turn the ball over consistently. Again, that's not luck. That's skill.

      Green Bay's 29 INTs are a result of skill in the secondary and the fact that teams throw more on them. Put those things together and statistically from a percentage basis, you're going to get more INTs.

      The whole article's a waste of time. He refutes himself several times along the way.


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        So what I dont care, we won a playoff so doesn't really matter to me anyway now...


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          It's not luck if you win over and over again... We had some lucky bounces but who doesn't during a Super Bowl run.
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            I believe luck might play a small part...but it can go either way.

            All in all....when it all comes down to it, we were givin opportunities to execute after one team did not. And we made the most of it (examples: SD missed field goal, Bears poor clock management/fumble)


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              "Luck is when preparation meets opportunity." ~ Seneca
              "Stultum est timere quod vitare non potes." ~ Publilius Syrus


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                I agree in luck to the extent that 'you make your own luck.' They could say we our lucky but it is only because are defense and offense are creating those great opportunities for us. Even if you look at the Marion Barber incident, our guys pushed him out of bounds and stripped the ball...making our own luck. Prater is a beast, his FG was not lucky, just baller.


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                  I would have to say Indy has the most Luck (Andrew) this coming year.


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                    Winning the lotto or a prize is luck. Im gonna paraphrase cuz i havent heard it in a long time but here it goes." Luck is where many hours of practice meets opportunity in game time".....


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                      Paraphrasing Napoleon

                      "If am forced to choose between a good team or a lucky team, I will always choose the lucky one."


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                        I agree the Broncos are super lucky....I mean they have me as a fan so lucky for them ...

                        Now back on topic I think that "luck" is part of the game and without it, it is very hard to win in the NFL. Sometimes you need the ball to your way in order to get a win. I would say it was lucky for the Chiefs in week 17 when Tebow fumbled near the sideline but the ball stayed inbounds rather than going with Tim's momentum out of bounds as it very well could have... just one of many cases this is true.