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Now that the year is almost over, grade our draft

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  • Now that the year is almost over, grade our draft

    With only one game reamaining in the regular season i'm curious as to how everyone feels about elway & fox's first draft together.

    Personally i think outside Von Miller being a great pick which he had better be going #2 overall & maybe Orlando Franklin being decent, i don't think it was a very good draft at all. The two safties are no good, we have not really seen the linebackers on the field at all & the tight ends have played sparingly.
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    I think Carter will turn into a starter for a while and I haven't given up on Rahim yet. Irving will get his shot eventually and Virgil and Julius both have potential. Its still way too early.
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      I think this is way too early to grade a draft. You've gotta wait a couple seasons at least.


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        I'd say a B or so.

        Got up to 4 starters, and potentially up to 7.

        Yes, Moore and Carter have stunk, but they are rookies, and had no offseason to really work with the coaches, and whatnot.

        It was a pretty good first draft from EFX.

        It's still way too early, but this could be one of our best drafts in awhile, and Irving, Julius, Green, and even Moore to an extent haven't played all that much, so we don't know.


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          If I had to grade now, I'd say its average.

          Too early to tell though.

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            Yes it may be a bit early to judge but looking back on the season i would say overall it was average, maybe that changes in a year or two & maybe not.


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              For this year, and this year only, C.

              1st round was great, 2 2nd round picks didn't show immediate impact, 1 3rd round pick didn't show immediate impact, 1 4th round pick definitely helped the team, and the 6th and 7th rounders are speculative.


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                GREAT. just because of # 58 mr von Miller.


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                  Every player drafted is still with the team in one capacity or another. Five of the nine have started games this year. We'll just have to see which of them is still with the team two years from now.
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                    B. Miller, Franklin, and Carter have had solid or better than solid years. Hopefully the rest pan out
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                      Its way to earlier to grade a draft. You really need 3 years of play from a draft class before you grade them.

                      But just for kicks, basing it off their play this year, Id grade it a C+.

                      Von is an obvious A+. Franklin would be a B. Everyone else would be a C or worse. Carter, which I think will get better, has played to a C level thus far. Irving has played to about a C-. Moore has been a D. Green has been a D, though if it wasnt for a handful of stupid penalties Id bump him to a D+. (Moore's has some stupid penalties thru out the year too). Thomas is an F because he hasnt really played. Muhammed is another F. Beal is another F too.
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                        Although it is to early to tell, I gave it a B. So far Von has been great, Only time will tell if he plays well every year. The rest of the picks show a lot of potential, but will have to reevaluate in a couple of years.


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                          I gave our draft an A.If i thought we we would be 8-7 at this point with with the players we drafted,it have to be great.


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                            i'm a little surprised that no one graded our draft picks lower than a C tbh lol. with how much trash was spoken of moore's performance i'd think people would've clung to that.

                            but if i had to give it a grade i'd have to say C. basically because that's where our record is right now.


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                              I'll stand by original grade of C-, I hated the second round in fact I still do although Franklin has vastly improved. That said I hated the Rahim Moore pick in fact right now I still do. Past that our picks have done relatively nothing this year. I think Virgil Green can be an effective Full back for us, similar to Marcel Reese. We hit a home run on Miller, the a single on Franklin and other than that not much. This class will take time to develop but right now it has a ways to go.
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