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Who ever says Tebow gets all the credit for the wins ?

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    Originally posted by BroncoFanNC View Post
    You don't have to say something outright for it

    There are plenty here who will paint Tebow worse than he is, but there are plenty who will find every reason why the team is bad and Tebow was just along for the ride.
    You posted decker quotes from me that came in response to a DECKER post , same with Carter . , tell me where Tebow gets all the credit from me ( you won't find it because I have never given to him) . It's a myth. An hour long sports center on Tebow is not credit . Also even on these boards it's rare to find someone stating Tebow gets all the credit.

    As an example you have mistaken me saying Decker drops passes and somehow equating Decker dropping passes to me saying Tebow gets all the credit ......that makes no sense. If reverend sung young moon of the hari krishna cult was the QB it would not change the reality that Decker drops waaaay to many passes, heck he admitted it himself.


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      The problem with that made up statistic is that you're combining unlike things. The fact that the score and field position are the same at the same point in the game does not mean the game is all that similar. For example, being down 15-0 against Miami with 3 minutes left is not equivalent to being down 15 against Pittsburgh with 3 minutes left. And that's with the same team, in the same season.

      The 2002 Detroit Lions losing to the 2002 Rams has absolutely nothing to do with the Broncos playing the Chiefs, but for the purposes of WPA, it is a predictive sample. You might as well calculate the effect humidity has on the home team winning based on historical data.

      Based on the nadir of our WPA in each game of our win streak, the odds of our winning streak were roughly one in twenty-seven million. That's not a joke. Those were the odds.

      You can pretend that's accurate. I could say we have a 99.8% chance of beating KC since we've beaten them in 100% of our match-ups this season, and if we lose -- hey: they beat the odds. In reality, those "odds" are a nonsensical accumulation of tangentially related data points that have no effect on the outcome.


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        Originally posted by BroncoFanNC View Post
        You don't have to say something outright for it to paint a picture.

        We now have a Weekly Dropped Passes thread because our receivers are so bad. I don't think I have ever seen anyone track that stat so closely.

        I have never seen you critique Tebow on anything. Seems the team is fair game for you, but Tebow is untouchable.

        Worst O-Line in the NFL after the Miami and Lions game, because no way it could be Tebow's fault.

        Then you got your EFX conspiracy theories. They are trying to make Tebow fail, but HE is winning games in spite that.

        Fire McCoy because he is calling a bad game for Tebow.

        Last week it was the defense that was horrible giving up so many points (even though they actually only gave up 16.)

        Now of course with the extremist posters saying Tebow is the worst ever, it's a lot of easier to try to point out the flaws of everything besides your own favorite player, in needs to defend him.

        There are plenty here who will paint Tebow worse than he is, but there are plenty who will find every reason why the team is bad and Tebow was just along for the ride.
        I love how everyone conveniently ignored your post.

        And, that's 100% true. Did anyone specifically come out and say "all the credit belongs to Tebow"? No, but people have said and continue to say things like "We'd be a 4-12 team without Tebow" and "We're 7-3 with Tebow and 1-4 without him". You don't have to say specific things to paint a picture. CP to you. After my anniversary, I think mine are worth 5 now

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          Originally posted by CoryWinget81 View Post
          I love how everyone conveniently ignored your post.
          Really? I repsonded to his post on this page (page 3) second from the top.


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            Originally posted by Mk2_Tebow View Post
            You have missed the entire point of the thread.

            The original post was about how most people resent the fact that Tebow gets all the credit when in reality he gets hardly any from most .

            The sentiment that Tebow gets all the credit is a myth.

            This post IS NOT about if he deserves credit or not .
            I think not- you failed to read my entire post apparently. I specifically stated that he definitely gets credit for winning and then explained why. Seems you are probably one of those people that construe writings for their own arguments sake.
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              Originally posted by Mk2_Tebow View Post
              Can someone point me in the right direction? All I ever hear on the boards is how Tebow gets all the credit but all I ever see in the media , ESPN, NFL netwrok, Internet blogs , snl skits is how the defense and praeter deserve most of the credit.

              Actually reading or hearing That Tebow is fully responsible for the wins is like big foot or the lochness monster sighting, very rare and closer to myth than reality.

              In fact rarely have I seen a more maligned player , please stop mistaking over coverage of him for the sentiment being that he is fully responsible for the Broncos winning because it's not .

              Yeah there might be a few write ups and of course skip bayless but the overwhelming majority barely credit him at all.
              ALL the credit? Not really. Most of them are magnanimous enough to give the whole rest of the team between 10-20% of the credit while giving Tebow 80-90% of the credit.
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                Originally posted by broncoFan! View Post
                Link please.
                No kidding.

                Yes, some people have probably given Tebow more credit than he deserves, but in reality, there's no way to quantify precisely how much credit any one player should get.

                People like saying things like "the vast majority" or "a lot," but when pressed they can't possibly support those statements, because to do so would require more work (in the form of statistical analysis) than any sane person should want to undertake.

                I could just as easily say "a large portion of these boards said Tebow had no business being a starting NFL QB," and then find dozens of quotes to support it.

                There have been quite a few posters who've said that, just as there have been some who've created a Teflon Tebow. It may even be the latter group outnumbers the former, but IMO most of the board falls well between the two extremes.

                Yet it's the extremes who get the notice.


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                  Originally posted by HavoK471 View Post
                  A large portion of these boards were giving Tebow all the credit

                  With all due respect this is totally inaccurate. I guess we were reading two different forums... lol
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                    It seems with Tebow talk there are such drastic extremes. There seems to be no middle ground with the guy and that probably is where the truth is.


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                      Originally posted by shawinkerpoppin View Post
                      It was actually happening more so during the early part of the run. Now you wont see as much becuase of the team losing most of those who were quick to give him the credit are slow to give him the blame. Many of those people are also not around right now after these past few weeks. And many were also judging him mainly based on wins more so than his personal play which is also becoming more of a factor now the team is losing. With a win this weekend trust me you will see it again in large. I myself have always had the stance that it's a team game and wins and losses are a team stat and you judge a player based on personal performance.
                      You won't see it much anymore because the haters have come back out of the closet and have pounced on the losses and Tebows poor play. I don't know about other Tebow supporters but I get tired of coming here when all of the naysayers have taken over. Its like arguing with a wall... it does no good and we will never change each other's minds.

                      You know its so easy to focus on your point of view but, the truth is the same could be said for all the naysayers and haters who didn't come around much during the winning streak... once we lost many of them came back to post and complain.

                      With a loss this Sunday you will see the haters completely take over the forum... its the same darn thing.

                      It works both ways.
                      My adopted Bronco is Case Keenum