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Denverpost-Paige article. Good Bronco history!

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  • Denverpost-Paige article. Good Bronco history!

    First off. Happy New Year!

    I thought Paige wrote a good piece about Bronco history and the impact of today's game. I didn't see this posted anywhere, so if it is, my apologies, but believed it is worth everyone's time.


    Woody Paige: A familiar ring to new Broncos

    This will be the happiest New Year's Day in Denver since Jan. 1, 1978.

    Ring out the old Broncos. Bring on the new Broncos.

    Wring out the predominantly blue Broncos. Bring back the dominant Orange Broncos.

    At the stadium, get loud, get rowdy, get happy. At home, get zany, get chips and guacamole, get right in front of the TV.

    People, get ready. In the only Orange Bowl played Jan. 1, 2012, Kansas City will be barbecued by the Broncos.

    The Broncos win one for The Barrel Man, old Mile High Stadium, the bad-news Broncos of 1960, the Orange Crush of 1977, former Broncos coach "Orange" Miller, the South-Standers, the loyalists with season tickets for half a century, Champ Bailey​, the world champs of 1997-98, Randy Gradishar​ and Goose Gonsoulin​, Floyd Little​ and Terrell Davis​, Rich Jackson​ and Tom Jackson, Haven Moses​ and Shannon Sharpe​, John Elway​ and Marlin Briscoe​, Steve "Greek" Antonopulos and Jim Saccomano, the Phipps brothers and Pat Bowlen​.

    The Broncos have played on New Year's Day just once. They outlasted the Raiders 20-17 in the AFC title game 34 years ago today to advance to the Super Bowl for the first time.

    A commemorative coffee cup produced by the Rocky Mountain News sits on my office desk. The story on the mug, tapped out on a typewriter by a slug named Woodrow Paige Jr., starts: "SUPER NEW YEAR!"

    Only two current Broncos were alive when the team defeated Oakland in that epic duel. Safety Brian Dawkins was 4, and backup offensive lineman Russ Hochstein​ was almost 3 months old.

    Before today's game, a member of that team should give a pregame talk to this team. Billy Thompson, director of the Broncos' community outreach program and a Pro Bowl safety on the 1977 Broncos, is an excellent choice.

    Bronco Billy would explain how: A Jan. 1 victory became the most significant in the Broncos' and Denver's history; the underdogs played so hard and committed to knock out their bitter rivals; wide receiver Moses did cartwheels down the field afterward as a wounded Craig Morton​ limped away; the city erupted in peaceful celebration; and the franchise became an authentic player in the NFL for more than two decades.

    Then, the Duke of Denver could speak about how the Broncos played in five Super Bowls during his career and ended the run as back-to-back winners of the Lombardi Trophy.

    Last season, when Elway had a part-time role with the Broncos, he addressed the team before the Chiefs game in Denver about the meaning of being a Bronco. The Broncos won 49-29. They would win just one more game under Josh McDaniels​, and Elway was named executive vice president a year ago this week.

    Over a 29-year span from 1977-2005 the Broncos played in 32 postseason games, winning 17. From 2006-10, the Broncos didn't make the playoffs — their longest drought since 1960-76, when the Broncos were pro football's laughingstocks.

    They won 12 of 14 regular-season games in 1977, whipped Terry Bradshaw​ and the famed Steel Curtain in the franchise's first playoff game, then edged the Al Davis-John Madden-Snake Stabler Raiders.

    During a "secret" offseason Denver visit with close friend Bob King (the Nuggets' media relations boss), coach Madden told me over an off-the-record lunch in the circular hotel next to Mile High Stadium that the Broncos' defense was dirtier than his own. Tight end Dave Casper went to the bench in the second quarter with the entire rear end of his uniform pants ripped off. Madden said the Raiders had been "jobbed" by the officials on a no-call fumble near the goal line by the late Rob Lytle.

    The Broncos of today should be made aware that the Broncos of yesterday played sensational defense while Morton completed only 10 passes but threw for two touchdowns.

    They must be reminded that the Broncos have lost to the Chiefs (and their predecessors, the Dallas Texans) all eight times they have met in final regular-season games.

    Previously, two former Broncos quarterbacks — Jacky Lee​ and Steve DeBerg​ — returned to Denver as Chiefs quarterbacks. DeBerg was replaced as starter here by Elway.

    But this will be the first time an ex-Broncos starting QB has come back in the same season as the Chiefs starter. The Kyle Orton-Tim Tebow matchup will be the most fabled in a Chiefs-Broncos game since Joe Montana​ and Elway played at old Mile High in 1994.

    Before the other Jan. 1 game in Denver, I correctly predicted the winner and the exact score in my Sunday column. The sightless squirrel searches for a second acorn.

    Broncos 27, Chiefs 13.


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    This is a good article by Woody. I fondly remember the good ole' days of the famed Orange Crush and the term "Cinderella Team." The uniforms more closely resembled red than orange and the team consisted of some of the greatest characters in Broncos' history. That was the first time I can remember the goal posts being torn down after a football game.

    The recipe for winning that year was Defense, Defense, Defense.

    I believe the recipe for winning today will be the same. I'm predicting a fairly low scoring game and a battle of field position. Turnovers and special teams will be very important. I hope some of the Mile High Magic is present.

    It's time the new players make a name for themselves. This is the type of game where legends are made. It's not a playoff game, yet, it is.

    I hope the men in orange and blue make me happy like they did 34 years ago.

    I love this team!!!


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      Good article and hopefully these young guys dont need any kind of extra motivation.

      Anyone attending todays game........ please please be as loud as possible. Especially if we find ourselves in a hole early. This type of game could be determined by a pick or a FF, so dont allow Orton to change up the play at the line. Be loud and dont even give him the chance.

      Go Broncos, lets end the drought today!!!!!


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        Do gets kinda upset when you put there whole article up you may consider just posting part of it.
        The fool who fancies he is full of wisdom
        While he sits by his hearth at home.
        Quickly finds when questioned by others .
        That he knows nothing at all.


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          Thanks for posting the article, what an outstanding read!

          I remember the Orange Crush and the glory days of the '70s. Let's bring back the passion and the insanity again to the stadium and rout the Chiefs!!


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            Woody is my favorite writer for the Denver Post. I am a Woody Warrior.
            On Tebow: After a dismal 1-4 start to this season. "I've never seen a human who can will himself to win like that"
            Von Miller 11.27.2011

            “Tebow is a special kind of a player; I’ve never seen a player like him in my whole career”
            Champ Bailey said on “NFL Total Access”

            "As a math guy, I would say that Tebow has a high trajectory by linear extrapolation, don't you think?"


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              Originally posted by Broncosinindy View Post
              Do gets kinda upset when you put there whole article up you may consider just posting part of it.
              Who is "do"? and it seems a regular occurrence that complete articles are posted on this BB.

              The annoying thing is when there are lengthy posts and people quote the whole damned thing again for a couple lines of argument- that's painful.
              Canadian Denver Bronco Fan Club #60


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                Originally posted by Holger_Danske View Post
                The annoying thing is when there are lengthy posts and people quote the whole damned thing again for a couple lines of argument- that's painful.
                Ughhh...I hear ya-

                Especially if your trying to follow along on a cell phone. You scroll and scroll and scroll only to find a response that says "great post man" or something similar.


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                  The sightless squirrel searches for a second acorn.

                  Love to see some optimism

                  There isn't much out there for this game
                  The beatings will continue until morale improves....


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                    Broncos are undefeated this year!
                    - Go Broncos 2017 and Beyond! -

                    Super Bowl 50 CHAMPIONS!


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                      Man, I miss those times. The Broncos had the most difficult schedule in the NFL going into the '77 season. We had a rookie head coach and a broken down old QB trying to resurrect his career.

                      By the time we got to the Superbowl, after playing arguebly two of the most physical teams of that decade, the Broncos were a battered team with both offensive an defensive leaders playing on one leg. In my mind, the AFC championship game against Oakland, was our Superbowl.


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                        Originally posted by PAINTERDAVE View Post
                        Broncos are undefeated this year!
                        What do you mean by this? In what way?


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                          Good article........and for those who get bored after a few lines, you can select what you read. In fact, this is a fairly short write up.

                          The Broncos are one of the finest organizations in sports. I believe we still have the 4th best regular season record of all NFL teams since the merger. And our SB appearances and wins rank really high as well.

                          Lets hope today continues the success story, and maybe we will get on another roll that will blend in nicely with our successful history, and make us easily forget the drought we've experienced of late.

                          Go Broncos!!!


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                            Originally posted by BroncoSynapses View Post
                            What do you mean by this? In what way?
                            Humour (with a Canadian "u")........right? are kidding I think. January one.......yadda yadda......


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                              Wow! Gotta give it to Woody. That got me sooooo fired up!!!! I'm ready to go suit up, lol!!!