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  • McCaffrey

    I'd like to see McCaffrey get used a little more. I was a little upset he wasn't seen in the Chiefs game. I know he was hurt but lets get him back out there. what do you think?

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    Um...he caught a pass in the game, so I'm pretty sure he was in there. The problem is Ed needs to get open. It doesn't matter if you can catch everything that's hurled your way if whoever's defending you is draped all over your shoulders. He did get four the week before though.


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      I know

      I know he caught one pass and I know you have to be open. I just like the way Ed plays. He's one of our best WR. I just want to see him used up before he decides to retire.


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        Even though Ed isn’t seeing a lot of balls, he’s still contributing with his blocking. He’s one the best blocking receivers in the game. He’s a big reason why CP is getting so many long runs.
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          I pray hes back next year..


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            Eddie is awesome, I got my Eddie two pack for X-mas, cool even if Zach thomas is in it also.

            Eddie is a clutch player, just like he showed when he made that catch in the Indy game. 90% of the time he makes the catches no matter how tough they are.
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