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Post game rants---Pittsburgh--Playoffs

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  • The Good:

    Quinton Carter
    Matt Prater

    The Bad:

    The refs
    McGahee -- just not his day

    The Ugly:

    The fans that can't get behind Tebow/this team after today's game

    The McGahee wildcat play-call. I didn't understand that one. 3rd and 5, deep in their territory, and you run a wildcat McGahee up the middle? Why? Tebow is basically a one-man wildcat anyway, and he still presents the threat of the pass. Just an odd call on a 3rd and 5 IMO.


    • Originally posted by SM19
      I would recommend that no one attempt to play football on a broken leg.
      And yet Tebow won a high school state championship game with a broken leg. For real.


      • Originally posted by trl187 View Post
        Braylon Edwards for nothing?? :thumb:
        That's a good option if he is healthy.


        • Originally posted by InElwayWeTrust View Post
          Blackmon will be a top 5 pick, and we will be picking 32nd soooo......
          lol'ed at this. love it.


          • Originally posted by IStoleYourName View Post
            Get Vince Young as a backup?

            draft WR Justin Blackmon
            Probably need to trade up to #5 to get him. Seems like a good character guy too.


            • Let's all tebow for tebow


              • Originally posted by Tim Tebronco View Post
                And yet Tebow won a high school state championship game with a broken leg. For real.
                At 15 years old.


                • Calling out the officials is a good way to get on their bad side, no reason to do it. Particularly in a game they won.


                  • Yea, it was on the money!!!


                    • Originally posted by PAINTERDAVE View Post
                      I think it was a record..
                      fastest score/win in overtime in the Playoffs.
                      Hmm... its tough to say. Remember the famous OT game between the Seahawks and Packers? The Seahawks QB won the coin toss and said, "We'll take the ball and we're gonna' score!". First play in OT he throws a pick 6. lol

                      I think that might have been faster... but only because DT had farther to run than the Packers DB.


                      • Originally posted by one5beast View Post
                        Let's all tebow for tebow
                        Absolutly LOVE IT!
                        - Go Broncos 2017 and Beyond! -

                        Super Bowl 50 CHAMPIONS!


                        • Originally posted by Micanopy View Post
                          More threads than normal, although TT always gets his share. This has been a hard year for Gator football. Many people on the Gator forums have made remarks that Tim Tebow and the Broncos and their games have been the one thing to brighten up the season. Hernandez, Coop, Pounceys, Nelson, Murphy, as well as otherex-Gators are kept up with and their teams get game threads, but the Broncos have pretty much been adopted.
                          I'm still miffed there aren't constant Chris Collinsworth threads. That dude is still kicking butt 30 years later.


                          • Cool vid...
                            and holy crap you waste no time putting that together. games been over a few hours heh.

                            DT was a total beast tonight


                            • Originally posted by CoryWinget81 View Post
                              Tebow played well, and was a big reason for the win. I'll have my crow now.
                              No crow needed.

                              Broncos won, thats what counts.

                              Besides, Tebow still has a long ways to go before he is a legitimate franchise QB.

                              But he is making strides...

                              And there is no doubt whatsoever anymore that he is capable of it.

                              Now, it is up to him to continue to improve.

                              He has at the least earned the right to show how far he can go with a full offseason with coaches, with first team reps, and a full camp as the starter going in.


                              • James Harrison continues to play with a broken head. That seems more vital to me.