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  • A new Optimus fanatic was born tonight.


    • Originally posted by Bronco_Beard1 View Post
      Hmm... its tough to say. Remember the famous OT game between the Seahawks and Packers? The Seahawks QB won the coin toss and said, "We'll take the ball and we're gonna' score!". First play in OT he throws a pick 6. lol

      I think that might have been faster... but only because DT had farther to run than the Packers DB.
      Nevermind, I just looked up that play and it happened with around 10 mins left in OT.

      This was faster.


      • Originally posted by ArchAngel View Post
        Im curious as to whats being said on the Steeler forums.
        I saw a thread title saying it was the most embarrassing loss in franchise history
        Now go get your shine box


        • Originally posted by DarkHorse26 View Post
          But but it's a gimmick, college scheme at best ...
          It's ran its course...........people said KC put the book out but we ran for 250+ twice against them.


          • Gator fans are a little jealous of Denver. They only got to enjoy Tebow for 4 years.


            • Optimus Bey Bey?
              2013 Adopted Bronco - Duke Ihenacho


              • I like the Vince Young backup idea and use draft to fill up holes. Tebow will play on a busted leg so only concussion might knock him out.


                • Originally posted by one5beast View Post
                  Let's all tebow for tebow
                  Nothing BIGGER!!!:thumb:


                  • Originally posted by samparnell View Post
                    I hope more people begin to realize that football coaches and football players are humans capable of making mistakes and learning from them.

                    Football coaches and football players are not cyber components, statistics or "sit 'em/start 'em".

                    Twenty-two players on a 120 x 53 1/3 yard field with one football, and with rules enforced by "those guys in the striped shirts".

                    Very true.

                    However, I will add those guys in striped shirts had a couple epic fails today.

                    But you know what? The hallmark of heart, is being able to overcome things like that.

                    And we did...


                    • I heard someone go Optimus Prime in the celebration vid lol so yeah I put it together for all of you guys
                      Manning to Thomas ev'ry day, all day.


                      • Originally posted by Zanataki View Post
                        I heard someone go Optimus Prime in the celebration vid lol so yeah I put it together for all of you guys
                        thanks for sharing it...
                        I love when fans do stuff such as that.


                        • Originally posted by TheThreeAmigos View Post
                          Cory, don't eat crow (well, yeah eat some) but better yet, get behind our QB.

                          don't feign admiration if you are just going to spew the same vitriol the next time he is less than spectacular.

                          this is what, a huge PLAYOFF victory, as a big underdog, with over 300 passing yards in his 15th(?) start? ......and another record or two.
                          Cory has been right in some of his criticism.

                          Tebow DID play horribly most of december. He deserved a lot of what went his way. He himself has said the same thing.

                          And Tebow does still have a long ways to go.

                          However after today, there really can't be any doubt left that he is capable.


                          • One thing I can say about this coaching staff. There is no such thing as a "Camp Body" or a "PS" player. They will play who ever earns it. I LOVE THAT!!!


                            • Originally posted by HASHxBROWNS View Post
                              Clean hit! He is doing what the rules tell him to! Go low and not for the head!
                              Legal, yes.

                              Clean, no way in hell.

                              Harrison is as dirty as they come.


                              • The statues are of Gator Heisman winners. Steve Spurrier, Danny Weurffel and of course Tim.

                                Between the 1st and 2nd decks in the south endzone of the swamp there's also a #15 jersey ... along with a #7 (Wuerffel) and #11 (Spurrier)

                                On the wall of the new Heavener football complex entrance (SW corner of the Swamp) there's a plaque of Tebow's "promise".

                                So with this win, and the suck of Gator football this year (Still beat tOSU though) Broncomania (well maybe Tebowmania) is in full swing in Gatorville.

                                Just my .02