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  • Originally posted by stuckinjax View Post
    At Florida Tebow always took a lap around the stadium after a home game to show the fans some love...hope this can be a new Denver tradition for our whole team
    This isn't a new thing. just sayin


    • My voice hurts, and so does all my friends voices ... Can't wait for tomorrow!
      I will always be a Bronco fan--->

      But my Heart is with the UK Wildcats-->


      • Not sure if anyone else noticed, but there was pass interference on the touchdown to Eddie Royal and that was not called either. It did not matter because he caught the ball despite it. FOXy needs to do a better job of getting in the official's face.


        • Originally posted by JakeNbake View Post
          Bruton has had some good games with Dawk out it's been over shadowed by us losing of course. But he deserves recognition. Carter made a great play on the ball.

          Rafael Bush... Played great today as well in coverage.
          agreed. I'm curious as to what his status/role for the future is.


          • Come on guys and gals try not to be like the San Diego fans that whined when the fumble blown dead was against them and helped us.
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            • I am more concerned with us not punching it in for 7 points instead of settling for FG's. Had we done that, the game would have been over much earlier.
              Where is this season going?


              • As I was growing up to play football I was always taught to "see what you hit don't go to your knees to make a tackle, and don't lunge towards the players knee"

                because 1) you could do a lot of damage to yourself "concusion or even paralyzed

                or 2) you'll seriously hurt the person you hit in which this case Decker took the hit.

                I watched the video over and over again. Harrison did all 3 of the things you don't do to make a tackle and look what happened.

                The difference was that when cornerbacks or littler guys go for the legs the running backs/ WRs see it coming they are running with the ball and will be able to protect themselves.

                In this case as soon as Decker touched the ball he had absolutely NO time to protect himself and that caused him to blow his knee out with a diving Harrison straight for the knee.

                Now saying that is the hit legal? Yes, but is the hit dirty? Absolutely.

                BUT I don't blame Harrison for the hit because he hits up high it's a penalty/fine. BUT all those players have got up from those hits because more often than not he hits them with the shoulder pads, which SHOULD BE legal in the NFL. In Decker's case Harrison knows in the back of his mind that he would get flagged and fined if he hits him in the chest so he goes straight for the knee.

                If Mays or Williams did that to another player I'd be mad as well because no player should go right for a knee if the runner isn't defending himself.

                The 2 Williams hits WERE legal he hit them with the shoulder pad right on the ball and that's how Harrison should be tackling and there would be less injuries.

                Yes football is a rough sport I've played it and suffered a serious knee injury to end my playing career it's a risk to play football. But you will NEVER take that risk away until someone reminds these players how to PROPERLY tackle in training camps sit them down make them watch the "see what you hit" video like I did in high school. That's how you prevent injuries NOT flagging and fining because players will find their way of doing something else.

                That's how I feel about this whole situation sorry it was long but hopefully you got to read it all.

                Get better Decker I've felt that pain before.
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                • Bush did have a pretty good game, I noticed him a few times.

                  I wish he would have hit Cotchery harder on that TD though.


                  • Some interesting Tebow stats from the game...

                    Tebow threw for 185 yards in the second quarter..coming into the game tebow had thrown for 204 total yards in the 2nd quarter in his career

                    Tebow completed 3 passes of 50+ yards...he only had 2 for his career coming into the game

                    Tebow now has 1 300 yard passing game in his playoff career...tom brady has 3

                    Tebow's 31.6 yards per completion is the highest in playoff history of any qb that completed at least 10 passes

                    Tebow had the highest playoff total qb rating 97.3(that new espn stat) by any qb since 2008

                    in the superbowl the playoffs... 3 qbs have had a game where they threw for 300 yards passing, had no ints and rushed for a td...1. montana (sb xix) 2. rodgers ('10 divisional round) 3. Tebow today

                    The Broncos OT win was the quickest in NFL history including both playoff and regular season


                    • Originally posted by 12and4 View Post
                      This isn't a new thing. just sayin
                      Sorry, I had not seen them do this after games until tonight. Guess the media just didnt cover it.


                      • Originally posted by iggyb View Post
                        I posted in another thread that i need to eat crow about Carter. I had doubts that he would improve. He came to play today. Gives me great hope about the future when it comes to the secondary. With him and Bruton, and possibly Moore improving, that's a pretty good safety trio there.
                        why do people "eating crow" (which is a cliche i'm officially tired of hearing on these boards) instead of just waiting and reserving judgement. actually waiting for things to develop rather than wanting things right NOW.

                        him and ayers are on a long list of players people write off way too quickly. tebow was almost on that list after the last 3 weeks

                        /end rant


                        • That was not a dirty hit on Decker. It's football.

                          Harrison always got fined for helmet-to-helmet hits, so he's going low. It's within the rules. Not dirty. Just unfortunate that Eric Decker got hurt.

                          However, yes, James Harrison is a dirty player.


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                          • Originally posted by InElwayWeTrust View Post
                            Bush did have a pretty good game, I noticed him a few times.

                            I wish he would have hit Cotchery harder on that TD though.
                            Yeah I think he let up so he didn't get a penalty. But he should have leveled him.
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                            • Was about to make a thread similar to this.

                              Couldn't agree more.

                              What a ride this has been, from the rough start, to all the late game wins, to the 3-game skid.

                              Tebow played VERY well today, sucks Decker got hurt, Demaryius is a freaking beast, he destroyed Ike Taylor today.

                              Kuper is 29 btw

                              Agree with the rest, we need to re-sign some of our FA's, but i like the direction this team is headed.

                              I want to win next week, why settle for less, but i get what your saying, heck of a journey.


                              • Originally posted by shawinkerpoppin View Post
                                We need a veteran WR. Just not Owens. He has never been a leader and thats the main reason for bringing in a veteran when you have a group of young players. They need someone they can learn from and follow and has that quality to him and that still has some game left.
                                I wonder if Stokely is available? I always loved him in that Player/Coach role.

                                Derrick Mason is another option.
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