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  • Originally posted by stuckinjax View Post
    Sorry, I had not seen them do this after games until tonight. Guess the media just didnt cover it.
    yeah, every team does it. The bigger the game the more excited they are, the more they want to share it with the fans.


    • I need to cut and paste my post from Painterdave's thread.

      Awesome. Thanks. Tebow rocks!! (and I never say "rocks").


      • The craziest one is that Tom Brady only has 3 300 yard Playoff games!?!?

        That is insane!?! That is one of those trivia questions you could ask and pretty much no one would guess.


        • Watching it again, maybe it should be called "The Stiffarm". DT was a beast on this play!


          • Originally posted by Bl3vNorange View Post
            I need to cut and paste my post from Painterdave's thread.

            Awesome. Thanks. Tebow rocks!! (and I never say "rocks").
            did you post some of those? or have others?..i did a quick search and didn;t see anything


            • i wonder if it deckers career ended 2nite. how some of you would change your tune.

              Originally posted by teetdogs View Post
              Look at it this way guys, if that was Miller, Williams, Mays etc we would have a different feeling about it.

              but its not and it never has been. this is a reoccuring thing for Harrison. How many injuries or bad of an injury will have to happen before people wake up and understand the difference between playing with an intent to win or playing with an intent to hurt.


              • As much as I love stats, I think they skewed our team as whole far too much this season. The only stat that matters to me now, 2011 playoffs 1-0

                Defense wins championships


                • Originally posted by getlynched47 View Post
                  That was not a dirty hit on Decker. It's football.

                  Harrison always got fined for helmet-to-helmet hits, so he's going low. It's within the rules. Not dirty. Just unfortunate that Eric Decker got hurt.

                  However, yes, James Harrison is a dirty player.
                  Legal and Dirty are 2 different things... but I don't blame Harrison for it but that was a dirty hit but within the rules.
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                  • Tim Tebow's heart

                    Folks, I'm not here to stir the pot this time. I started here a couple years ago with Kyle Orton coming from my Bears. Long story short, it didn't work out, and I wish him well in Kansas City.

                    But this is about Tebow, a QB I have been a fan of from Florida on(and I am a Vols fan, believe it or not).

                    With the Bears out, I absolutely have someone, and some team, to root for. Tim Tebow echoes what I live for every single day. Going for the top, never quitting, never letting bad things get in the way of his goals. He has won every single year, and at every single level, because of his single solitary belief in himself(along with his belief in God).

                    No question, Kyle Orton's brain went into hyperfreeze. The throws he started making this year are throws he NEVER made in his career, and he paid the price. The whole Tebow thing just froze him, and he was never the same, especially when the Tebow chants started coming around. At 1-3, and in the second half, here came Tim Tebow. Almost led an improbably comeback.

                    And it began.

                    I'm so proud of the guy, and envious that you have him. I know that you have a QB that, if he had a broken leg in the AFC title game, he'd tell them to wrap it tight, and he's going back out there...then he'd play in the Super Bowl. I can't say that about Jay Cutler. I'm getting tired of him milking injuries. Playoffs on the line, Super Bowl on the line, and he milks injuries. Tebow's a MAN!

                    I'm going to be rooting for the Chicago Bears for the rest of my natural life. That will never change. But my second team is the Denver Broncos, just as it has been most of the time(I was a huge Elway fan). The guy is just flat out money, and he will never let his team lose. It reminds me of my NBA hero in the 80s...Larry Bird. Just a flat refusal to lose.

                    Go get that Lombardi Trophy guys! I believe in you!


                    • Originally posted by ERoyal248 View Post
                      Was about to make a thread similar to this.

                      Couldn't agree more.

                      What a ride this has been, from the rough start, to all the late game wins, to the 3-game skid.

                      Tebow played VERY well today, sucks Decker got hurt, Demaryius is a freaking beast, he destroyed Ike Taylor today.

                      Kuper is 29 btw

                      Agree with the rest, we need to re-sign some of our FA's, but i like the direction this team is headed.

                      I want to win next week, why settle for less, but i get what your saying, heck of a journey.
                      I think this season would make a great episode of "The Superbowl Champions...the 2011 Denver Broncos" from NFL Films It would rival the Tom Brady and Kurt Warner stories.


                      • I think it was a record..
                        fastest score/win in overtime in the Playoffs.
                        - Go Broncos 2017 and Beyond! -

                        Super Bowl 50 CHAMPIONS!


                        • I feel like all we do is play against the ref
                          I will always be a Bronco fan--->

                          But my Heart is with the UK Wildcats-->


                          • I think it was magical...
                            god my throat still hurts from screaming..

                            SOOO amped up right now


                            • Originally posted by Apoc13 View Post
                              did you post some of those? or have others?..i did a quick search and didn;t see anything
                              You guys basically posted at the same time. Yours confirms there were two records.


                              • Show the ticket or im calling shenanigans the odds to win the AFC were NEVER at 500:1
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