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  • Your single favorite moment??

    What a year! So many great moments! But what was the best? Be it a drive or part of a drive. Or Dumervil's Brady hit? Who knows...

    1: This year
    2: All time

    For me:

    1: Timmy's 25 yard TD run to end the 95 yard drive against the Jets
    2: Ed mac blocking the Packers in SB32

    Just watching this vid of the Vikings game. Man, it had some awesome moments! Just an amazing ride this year.
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    1. OT win vs Pitt
    2. Clock going to 0:00 in GB/DEN SB


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      1. the 80ty yard TD pass to DT
      2. when the broncos won elways first sb
      oakland raders gm
      latavis murray trade bait


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        1a. Tebow to Demaryius OT win against Pittsburgh.
        1b. Tebow run to beat New York Jets.

        Not including Super Bowl
        2. Bailey interception of Brady and 99 yard return in 2005.

        Good memories made this year.


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          I'm not old enough to remember our SB wins, so I'll go with...

          1. DT 80 yard TD
          2. Champ Bailey INT against Tom Brady in the playoffs 2005


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            1. Bay bays td against pittsburgh - I dont know why this play wouldnt be everybodys favorite.. It came in the biggest game of the season

            2. Bay bays td against pittsburgh
            2b baileys int in 05 playoffs

            Ive only been a fan since 03 and theres not many playoff games to chose from


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              1. Ya bey bey 80 yard walk off td vs Pitt
              2. Elways helicopter in SB 32 ( I knew we win after that)

              Champs int in 05 epic to his whole season was actually.

              Atwater hitting kc RB booooooooooom!
              sigpicGo Broncos! Heres to many more CHAMPionships!!!


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                No ones going to forget 2011 Broncos season for a while. It was pretty out there.


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                  Champ's near touchdown return to end the Pat's playoff birth.

                  Prime's 80 yard walk off touchdown in OT.
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                    This year: 80 touchdown strike to beat Pittsburgh in the playoffs.

                    All time: Watching John Elway hoist the Lombardi Trophy after we upset the Packers in the Superbowl.


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                      For this year The Chicago game was the very best with jets a close second but hands down the mile high goodbye 80 yard TD against squealers was the best


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                        1a. Bay-Bey OT 80 yard td catch to beat PITT
                        1b. Tebow's last TD against the Jets

                        2.This ones for John


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                          This year has had three super great moments for me... I'm going to list them all, but I'll go with the normal format before listing the other two.

                          1. DT goes 80 yards!
                          2. Walking, standing up, can you say... Denver is in the lead!!!

                          okay, so the two others from this year are from the Lions game... I got to do the Super Cuts Roll to the Goal event before the Lions game, and came in second... got to go on the field before the game with my best friend in the world... that's the best moment from that game... Then when Tebow threw the 100 yard pick six, I had that look on my face that just says "I just lost faith in all humanity..." so my best friend looks at me, and sarcastically she says to me... "Why are you so angry???" It was the most perfectly timed moment ever

                          These 2011 Denver Broncos will go down as one of the most interesting Broncos teams in our 52 year history...
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                            Same as most..

                            1. At the bar in NJ with all Jet fans and Tebow just junks the Jets on that run. Unreal. But the Steelers connection, Tebow to DT in OT, I was jumping and yelling, well just as the Jet TD.

                            2. Favres incomplete pass over the middle in the SB. As soon as the ball hit the grass, it was official, and the largest monkey in the NFL possibly of all time, was lifted. The legacy was completely confirmed at that point. The helicopter play was prob my favorite from that game. Sorry, not too original.


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                              Originally posted by Mk2_Tebow View Post
                              For this year The Chicago game was the very best with jets a close second but hands down the mile high goodbye 80 yard TD against squealers was the best

                              idk if you came up with this, i didnt look at the thread that was saying 'what do we name the play?' but THAT is it. brilliant.