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    Originally posted by 12and4 View Post
    lol. It's funny that you don't care how the QB throws it, but you care about the WR's catching it. Tebow gets paid to throw, btw.

    Are you saying throwing spirals and throwing wobblers have no effect on whether the WR drops a pass?

    Are you also saying that no other QB EVER had a dropped pass?
    My senses tells me your being a drama queen...I did not see one single pass in all the drops that you could say it was a result of anything but a plain and simple...drop
    If it hits them...if they get their hands on is nobodies fault but thiers it hit the ground
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      Once again...

      Tebow IMPROVED his passing over the course of the 13 games.

      No one is not acknowledging that Tebow needs to continue to improve.

      That said.... the issue of his passes being so wobbly is being exagerated.

      Look at some of the drops.... many of them were TIGHT SPIRALS..
      same with lots of his succesful passes.

      Many of the drops hit the guy right in the hands...
      and or RIGHT IN THE NUMBERS.

      Yes... it is a double edged sword... they ALL need to work on their responsibilities...

      yet it really seems like those who dislike Tim are
      posting like a dog with a bone about the way he passed early on..
      instead of looking at the way he was passing at the end of the season.

      The wobbles are being exagerated.
      Look at the film... Tim threw plenty of pretty balls alongside the ducks.
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        You guys keep overreacting...

        Nobody here is saying all tebow does is throw ducks...

        Keep trying to stir up controversy...


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          Originally posted by Hadez View Post
          Anyone know how many drops GB had in their loss to NYG? Dropped passes can hurt even the great Rodgers....imagine what they do to a passing offense that only throws 20 or so times on most weeks

          Did not watch the GB game and too sick to put work into loowing up stats. Only know what I saw on articles about the game


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            Originally posted by MileHighInNY View Post
            Tebow's receivers at Florida didn't seem to have a huge problem with drops, since Tebow had a career completion rate around 66% as a Gator. Granted, that was a talented group, but unless Tebow's throws somehow became significantly more difficult to catch after he was drafted (seems unlikely), shouldn't we expect that NFL-level receivers should have surer hands, and fewer drops, than college-level guys?

            In other words, is it possible that the receiving talent on Denver's current roster isn't really NFL-caliber?
            Interesting articles and video concerning Tim's throwing motion: