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  • Royal dissatisfied with offense

    Big Al: Eddie Royal dissatisfied with offense
    TJ Johnson Jan 17, 2012 7:47 PM
    It's All Over Fat Man

    The Drive hour 2 1/17/12

    Darren McKee: “You think Eddie Royal is dissatisfied and will go somewhere else?”
    Alfred Williams: “I don’t think Eddie is dissatisfied. I know Eddie is dissatisfied.”
    Darren McKee: “You talked to Eddie about it?”
    Alfred Williams: “I did not.”
    Darren McKee: “Okay, well, how do you know he’s dissatisfied.”
    Alfred Williams: “Let’s just say, I know.”

    I thought this exchange between Williams and McKee this afternoon on The Drive was interesting because, in theory, it provides some insight into Eddie Royal. When pressed, Big Al said that he had visited Rod Smith just today and Smith told him that it would have been hard to play receiver with Tim Tebow because of the inconsistency, and that staying disciplined in routes would be hard because one would rarely be rewarded with the ball. Williams then went on to relate this story back to Eddie being frustrated.

    We'd had reports during the Brandon Lloyd trade speculation that Royal wanted out of Denver as well. Now that he's a free agent--if we believe Big Al and Rod Smith--Royal has likely played his last game in a Broncos uniform.

    On a side note, I'd been wondering all year what Rod Smith thought of Tebow as a quarterback, because in my world, Rod Smith is both God and the orignal hardest working guy in football.

    If you want to hear the exchange, forward to 28:25 of Hour 2.

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    It would not surprise me that he would be dissatisfied while Tebow was at QB. However, how is that any different from the last starting QB? Royal hasn't been featured, or really very productive, since he was a rook & Cutler was QB.


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      I am not satisfied with Royal since his rookie year so that just makes us even..

      He needs to worry about showing up for 4 quarters in all 16 games
      We are the Organization that " EVERYONE " wants to be a part of



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        Originally posted by theflammer View Post
        I am not satisfied with Royal since his rookie year so that just makes us even..

        He needs to worry about showing up for 4 quarters in all 16 games
        A bigger tell in this is not Royal saying it, it's Rod Smith saying it. I tend to believe what he says when it comes playing WR in the league. He was an UDFA and earned his stripes the hard way. If he says he would have a problem with it, there is a lot of truth in there and how many other WR who are more diva than Rod are thinking the exact same thing.


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          If he hasn't talked to Royal directly this is at best hearsay but more likely just pure speculation, it means nothing.

          BUT if he is dissatisfied he's a free agent and as such he has the ability to take his services somewhere else, who knows if the Broncos will even offer to bring him back? After an awesome rookie season Royal has been mediocre at best since, was that based on design or based on him?


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            I wouldn't be suprised if he didn't come back

            Btw is Rod Smith eligible for the HOF yet?


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              All reports of Royal wanting out of Denver are false. If anyone has been following up on him throughout his years whether it be on Facebook or Twitter knows he loves it here and loves the fans. I think he genuinely believes in Tebow and is willing to resign with Denver to see where it takes him.

              If we offered him a modest contract for a #3 receiver, he will take it no question. He wants to stay here, probably more than any other player on this team (in terms of not caring about money as much as some of the thugs in this league).



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                25th in the league - I'm disappointed, too.

                Quit looking at the player and look at the team, people. If anyone is satisfied with this offense, we are up **** creek without a paddle.


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                  The question should be, who IS satisfied with the offense?? I would hope the answer to that is "No one."


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                    No receiver wants to block 95% of the time and then never be a target the 5% they do pass.


                    I get it, he's obviously not going to come back and I wouldn't blame him.


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                      Ooh, let the wild unbacked speculations begin. In for a long offseason I do believe.

                      As far as Eddie goes, I'd like to see him back, returning kicks full time, and having a full offseason with Tim to work on that chemistry. I thought it was interesting that the coaching staff continuously sought ways to get the ball to Eddie in terms of having him as an option pitch man and the like when he was healthy.

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                        Royal is from Virginia, played his college ball at Viriginia Tech, he was in Mike Shanahan's offense when he had his big rookie year, add to that Shanahan's team has a huge need at wide receiver....seems like the Washington Redskins would be a perfect fit in my mind, regardless of what offense we are now or will be running next year.


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                          Love Eddie... but when you drop the ball so much, guy...
                          it is hard for the QB to trust when he throws it your way you will reel it in.

                          This team needs a serious upgrade of talent at many areas....

                          I see DT and Decker as keepers...
                          the rest of the wideouts will be competing
                          with a signed Free Agent aquisition (or 2) and a drafted rookie...
                          maybe even an undrafted FA or two.

                          I honestly expect Eddie to entertain offers...
                          he is a FA.

                          In the interview..
                          even if it is true...
                          it is mostly Big Al BLOWING SMOKE OUT HIS TAILPIPE.
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                            Originally posted by lfmyers27 View Post
                            I wouldn't be suprised if he didn't come back

                            Btw is Rod Smith eligible for the HOF yet?
                            smith will probably not be HOF worthy


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                              While I don't buy that "he knows Eddie" line I do think any receiver would be dissatisfied in this offense. Especially one in contract year. If it wasnt for his return ability he probably would be looking at a low level contract this off season. Plus I dont think he is the blocking type. Some love to be physical and go out to hit. Im not sure if royal has that line backer mentality I guess you can call it. Plus he has experienced some success in the NFL during his rookie year. Anybody that has been accustomed to seeing a decent amount of action his way to seeing a reduced amount could easily be bored. Its not a huge loss if he left this off season