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    Originally posted by catsigater View Post
    According to Alfred Williams, Champ won't re-sign.
    According to people who know what is going on... Williams is an idiot


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      Champ deserves a ring more than anyone else on this team. He has been here longer and through more ups and downs than anyone else on this team. I really hope we can get him one.

      Hurry up Tim and improve, Champ needs a ring if the guy is gonna support you 110% the least you can do is help get him his ring.
      People should not be afraid of their governments, governments should be afraid of their people.



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        BDawk too. But I think his career is over already.



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          Consistency guys. Rome wasn't built in a day. This team needs to stay the course and build off of this year. A lot of our guys are YOUNG and we went where no one else thought we would.

          Champ has a few years left on his contract and that's the window we need to exploit.


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            Originally posted by broncofanatik View Post
            Alfred Williams is one of the biggest bronco haters there is atm. He can say how much he loves them but he basically says everyone doesn't want to play here anymore and wants to leave. The dudes a joke.

            Because notice what he does for CU. He always says how they're going to win every single game they play. They're going to play Oregon? CU's going to win. That's what he says. Why? Because he loves CU and he wants to stand by CU.

            Now, let's compare that to how he views the Broncos. He picked the Broncos to lose every single game that Tebow started.

            That's why I stopped listening to him. And D-Mac will argue with him to the point that Alfred gets mad. Then he backs off, mostly because I think he's afraid of Alfred and Alfred's a bully.


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              signed, sealed and delivered. Time to move Champ to Safety.
              Waiting to hear from adoption agency