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2011 Denver Broncos Comeback Player of the Year is?

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    Originally posted by Papa-pwn View Post
    Clady led the league in holding penalties, correct?
    he was top five i know he was leading late season. and beadles is being really underrated he is an excellent pulling guard he needs to work on some other things, but he played Lt in college and undstands tackle more. i think this offseason he could be one of the better LGs in the games, Clady can be a pro-bowl LT his QB had enough time with scrambler ability to get his out of ruds. it was the secert to his success with cutler and he can duplicated it under tebow if tebow can the ball away a bit early.
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      Elvis. 9.5 sacks is pretty respectable for an undersized DE.


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        Originally posted by getlynched47 View Post
        In your opinion, who's the 2011 Denver Broncos Comeback Player of the Year?

        There are a lot of worthy candidates, considering that a ton of our players had a horrific season in 2010.

        IMO, candidates include:

        -Brian Dawkins: The guy looked 10 years younger this season when he was healthy! As an enforcer and leader, he was having his best season as a Denver Bronco after having a very, very bad 2010 season.

        -Elvis Dumervil: Coming back from a pectoral injury that sidelined him for all of 2010, Doom came back this season to notch 9.5 sacks despite battling nagging injuries throughout the season.

        -Ryan Clady: He certainly hasn't been able to duplicate his rookie season, but he's still a solid left tackle. He had a terrible season in 2010, but had a decent bounce-back season here in 2011 with a Pro Bowl selection. Some may argue with my assessment, but I take into account the QB's tendency to hold on to the ball too long and also Clady being forced to play by a terrible left guard in Zane Beadles.

        -Eric Decker: He had a tough rookie season where he struggled to get onto the field, notching only 6 catches while trying to come back from a foot injury. In 2011, he became an integral part of our offense, notching 44 catches for 612 yards and 8 touchdowns. He had some drop-issues, but still turned in a solid 2011 campaign.

        -Demaryius Thomas: Dude was injured left and right his rookie season. Before the 2011 season started, he ruptured his achilles. That injury is supposed to take 10-12 months to heal correctly. Thomas healed much quicker than that and was even able to make a great impact towards the end of the season. Thomas tied with Calvin Johnson for 1st place for most receiving yardage in the last 5 games of the 2011 season. He finished up the season with 32 catches for 551 yards and 4 touchdowns, while adding another 10 catches for 297 yards and a touchdown in the postseason (including that memorable 80-yard OT game winner!)


        So, what do you guys think?

        Who and why?

        Somebody else not mentioned? I wanna know about it!
        Willis Macgahee just might be the NFL comeback PLAY OF THE YEAR!!! What about him??
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          Dawkins played ok t times, and terrible others. Doom is deserving, Clady No way...Thought that he sucked, lead the league in holding penalties, and I believe he had the most sacks on he team, DT and decker I agree with most that you have to be there to come back..

          So the clear choice is Willis McGhee...I was worried about him at first cause he couldn't beat out Moreno....But he got his stuff together and did it and survived a whole season..
          Thanx Blondie79 for the sweet Sig....Love it and I will rock it with pridesigpic


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            DT and Willis McGahee. Hands down.

            DT came out of no where this year. After he went down with the injury earlier in the year I thought for sure we'd have to wait another year to see his potential. He proved me wrong.

            McGahee was asked to do alot for us, and he did. It seemed no one wanted him anymore and we brought him in only to make him feel rejuvinated.

            They both had solid years for us.
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