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Is Knowshon Moreno Officially A Bust?

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  • Is Knowshon Moreno Officially A Bust?

    2009 Denver Broncos Draft Class

    Round 1, Pick 12 (12) RB Knowshon Moreno

    Round 1, Pick 18 (18) (From Bears) DE Robert Ayers

    Round 2, Pick 5 (37) (From Seahawks) CB Alphonso Smith

    Round 2, Pick 16 (48) S Darcel McBath

    Round 2, Pick 32 (64) (From Steelers) TE Richard Quinn

    Round 4, Pick 14 (114) S David Bruton

    Round 4, Pick 32 (132) (From Steelers) G Seth Olsen

    Round 5, Pick 5 (141) (From Browns) WR Kenny McKinley

    Round 6, Pick 1 (174) (From Lions) QB Tom Brandstater

    Round 7, Pick 16 (225) C Blake Schlueter
    The rule of thumb is that it takes 3 complete years to accurately evaluate a draft. I think it's safe to say that this draft was pretty much useless, outside of a good special teamer in Bruton and run-stopping defensive end with issues rushing the passer.

    What about Knowshon Moreno? I still like this guy, and I always defended him when there were questions about his durability, ball-security, and straight-line speed.

    In Moreno's 3 year career, he's amassed 466 carries for 1,905 yards (4.1 yards per carry) and 12 rushing touchdowns. Additionally, he's recorded 76 catches for 686 yards (9.0 yards per catch) and 6 receiving touchdowns.

    In my opinion, those are not terrible statistics. Personally, I do not consider Knowshon Moreno a bust. Was he drafted too high? Absolutely, considering that he doesn't possess that "once-in-a-decade" type talent like Adrian Peterson or Darren McFadden. But he has produced when given opportunities and when healthy.

    But what's the general consensus on these boards? Bust or not?
    He Is A Bust
    He Is Not A Bust


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    I thought him and Tebow jelled pretty good in the few games they had together... until he was hurt.

    We actually threw screens with him in.
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      I would say he isn't a bust, just a disappointment. Right now he is a good 3rd down back and if he could ever stay healthy, he might become more.


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        In terms of a first round pick and where he was drafted yes he is a bust. But he can still has the be a productive role player in the right system.


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          Might not ever live up to the first round pick that was used on him, but he's valuable to this team.


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            Originally posted by CinnaMunMun View Post
            I would say he isn't a bust, just a disappointment. Right now he is a good 3rd down back and if he could ever stay healthy, he might become more.
            I agree with this.

            He's contributed when healthy at times, but he just hasn't lived up to where he was drafted. A 12th overall pick should be top 5 back in the league good.


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              Originally posted by Kno-Sean View Post
              Might not ever live up to the first round pick that was used on him, but he's valuable to this team.
              See, that's where I'm torn.

              To me, a player that is valuable to the team means that they're hard to replace.

              Is Knowshon Moreno really a hard player to replace? I have a difficult time answering that question.


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                Maybe "reach" is a better word. It's not like he was a top 5 or top 10 pick like Reggie Bush or CJ Spiller. As long as he gives us good production; I don't care if he doesn't live up to the #12 draft status.


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                  He is a bust to me. He is not the player we thought he would be. Moreno was seen as a franchise RB and he was drafted 12th overall to carry the load for the Broncos and be a difference maker. He did not live up to expectations. In his 3rd season, Moreno became a #2 RB. This is not what you want from your 1st round RB. He will begin his 4th season as a backup. Bust or disappointment, I think these different words mean the same thing for 1st round picks. It does not mean the Broncos should trade or release Moreno. He should stay on the roster and contribute as much as he can.
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                    I still want him back.




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                      injury prone but not a bust...

                      IF he can stay healthy Knowshon could be a huge weapon for Tebow next year. Our short passing game problems could be over. We need to hang on to him.... plus he is cheap.

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                        He is a bust in my eyes. When you draft a running back in the first half to the first round, you are looking at that guy as if he will become a dominant player.

                        He has never been dominant in any game he has played in.

                        He is a good player but not what he should have been given his draft position.


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                          Great all purpose yardage guy, another big weapon in the screen and short passing game, if we had one.


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                            To me, bust implies that MOST people thought you could perform at a certain level and you didn't. Outside of McDaniels and a handful of guys in the Broncos organization, I think most people recognized that Moreno was not worthy of a 1st round pick.

                            Consider if it was Knowshon Moreno, Beanie Wells, Shonn Green, Mark Ingram, Montee Ball, Trent Richardson, Darren McFadden, Jonathan Stewart, Rashard Mendenhall, CJ Spiller, Ryan Matthews (I just picked some RBs off the top of my head that Knwoshon COULD have come out with had he chosen to stay later, come out earlier, etc.)

                            No way in that list is Knowshon in the top 2 or 3 RBs drafted, and chances are he's not even a 1st round pick.

                            The point is that Knowshon was not selected in the round commensurate with his talent (and that's not on Knowshon, that's on the organization that drafted him). However, he has demonstrated that he could perform at the level we'd normally expect of say a 3rd round pick so inherent in that, I wouldn't call him a bust. I would say the front office mis-drafted, but had they drafted right he'd be where we'd expect.

                            And there is a caveat of course, which is his injuries. I don't think anyone could have foreseen those given that he wasn't injury-prone at Georgia. They could just be freak injuries (like Demaryius Thomas) and maybe he recovers and never has a problem again.
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                              Ayers was a good pick. It took him a while. But I feel like he's coming into his own.

                              Moreno... I like him in the screen game. I like him on 3rd down. I like that he can make people miss. i don't like that he was drafted in the first (Not his fault) I don't like that he's been so injury prone. I'd also like to see him hit the hole better.

                              We'll see. I hope he can stay healthy so we can decide rather or not to keep him.
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