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What position has the worst depth?

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    The Answer ...

    ... to the question is Fullback.
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      The way I look at it is if we lose a starter are we able to replace them. Yes we have holes all over, but the problem is I believe Safety has no depth because (well we really don't have any great starters). WR would be good but because we usually run just 2 WR formations willis and royal are ok and able to play.

      Dline because it is grouped means that Hunter gives them a little help, and McBean was the only DT getting sacks, so can't say Dline depth is worse than safety.

      LB is decent with woodyard and haggan.

      RB is one I can see it, and with the need at Fullback running back is a real good choice also.

      Offensive line I think proved that we have a suitable back up at gaurd and tackle.

      TE has some nice young talent in green and Rosario proved he can make some nice catches.

      And CB I think we have some ok depth not great, but better than safety.

      All in all yeah there are some spots that have ok depth but every where is lacking.

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        Defensive Coordinator.


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          I chose WR. Obviously, we have issues at Safety. CB, I'm not so sure, we were hurt by injuries a lot. I guess we will have to see, I was disappointed at Syd's injury.

          But WR, man, they are not scary.


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            Voted but really I think just about every pos on the team does not have quality backups
            Time to build on the win and grow the team from some solid play higher level of play


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              With Dawkins injury and age Safety is obviously an issue.
              TE and WR are both weak in terms of playmakers.


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                While our safeties are bad, they are young, can only hope they improve.

                I'd say DT, outside of Bunkley who is a FA, we don't have anyone that great, nor one who could rush the QB from the interior.


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                  Fanbase?ten char


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                    I went with receivers though I think an all the above is correct as well. Teams will always lack depth as that is the nature of only being able to carry 53 people on a roster that has a minimum of 24 different starters. I feel like we have some good young talent at the WR position but it lacks the most quality players from top to bottom of all the positions posted.


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                        Originally posted by SM19
                        Quality depth may be something to worry about after we have good starting talent.
                        True but you still need to have a strong depth to be a championship caliber football team.

                        I could point out several differant positions that are lacking in depth severely. Safety, RB, CB


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                          Position or position group?
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                            I went with WR, because alot of our DBs have and have shown potential. Right now we have 3 WRs: Decker, DT, and Dell since Royal is a FA. Dell was injured, and the other two had a LOT of KEY DROPS. DT & OL are very close. When you have to hope for Ty Warren, you know you're in trouble
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                              Originally posted by Junitz23 View Post

                              How so?

                              DJ, Miller, Mays, Haggan, Woodyard (Irving has potential)

                              I'd say Safety, definitely.
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