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  • Originally posted by BroncoDonko View Post
    Defense improved all the way from allowing 23 points, 22 points, and 17 points in their first three games (average: 20.67 points per game) to a season average of 24.4 points allowed per game. Herp.
    4 blowouts skew that average. Only 6 times in the final 13 games did the defense allow more than 24 points, and in one of those games (Buffalo) the defense only allowed 19 points. The other 21 points came via a punt return and two Tebow mistakes. You can't possibly have watched the games and argue that the defense wasn't significantly better as the year progressed despite routinely being put in tough situations (2nd quarter of the regular season NE game, anyone?).

    Running game went from bottom five in the NFL to #1 in the NFL "because it had to" -- as opposed to when we were 1-4, and it apparently didn't have to. Derp.
    1st ranked run offense, 31st ranked pass offense, 25th ranked scoring offense. Yeah, when your QB can't master the playbook or consistently, accurately pass the football, you have no choice but to run the ball more. Willis was solid, but he's not an elite back. The running game wasn't #1 because we have the best back or the best line, we just ran more than anyone else...because we had to.


    • Originally posted by SBboundBRONCOS View Post
      umm no?

      you can win and still give up 25 ppg on defense, doesnt mean the defense played well at all

      likewise if an offense scores 18 and wins it doesnt mean they played well. in our wins are defense gave up significantly less (and against bad teams)
      In our wins, our defense gave up an average of 18 points per game. That's more than the following teams (in wins):

      San Francisco
      Kansas City
      New York Jets
      San Diego
      St. Louis
      Tampa Bay

      The teams that allowed more points per game in wins were: New Orleans, New England, Green Bay, New York Giants, Atlanta, Detroit, Oakland, Buffalo, Minnesota.



      • :brick: Those for Tim Tebow will never be swayed in their opinions and I respect them for that but at the same time I will choose to put my faith in those whose jobs depend on making decisions based on what is best for the organization. Granted, not like they will not be able to feed their families if they would lose their jobs but we are talking about personnel that LOVE the Denver Broncos and will do anything to make them a Superbowl team.

        Please don't take this as a diss to TT but the Bronco organization doesn't owe him anything. He is a employee of the Broncos and is and has been paid for his services as an employee. TT still has a lot of work to do and I am not saying he won't be an elite qb in the NFL in the future but I am saying as it stands, he currently is not. PM on the other hand is.

        Very hypothetical but if Orton was still at the helm as qb last year and the Broncos did just as they did with winning the division and a first round playoff game, would people be as upset if this PM scenario involved KO instead of TT? No way.

        I love what TT did/does on and off the field and respect him. That being said, it is driving me crazy hearing those who say the qb spot is "owed" to TT. Why?

        It seems for years now fans have complained about Bowlen "loosing his edge" and "not giving the team the tools they need to win", etc. Now he is reportedly "all in" on a first ballot HOF qb that (imo) gives the Broncos the best chance to win now. Just my 2¢


        • I support whatever the brain trust decides!