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<rant> NFL Fans have the priority all wrong....

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    This is one of the most lucid, non-blinders post I have seen in a long time. Great post OP. I have to agree with the general message of the post.

    Being a fan since late 70's/early 80's, I've been through many ups and downs with the Broncos, and personally, I wouldn't trade that ride for a super bowl win every year, at the expense of watching our guys develop, grow and meld as a team. That, for me is what makes watching a team, the games, and being a fan, fun. That's why I am a fan; because our team gets it all together, struggles, sweats, bleeds, overcomes mountains to try and get that win every Sunday.

    I'll tell you, if someone had said, "hey, I will bring in whoever we need to win the SB every year, no matter what, we will swap and trade our guys, so that we only have the best players to guarantee a win every year", I would not be a fan of the Denver Broncos. For me, part of being proud of our guys and our team as a whole, is the spirit, fight, determination, skill, and teamwork they develop working hard together and chasing after the same goal. That's why I watch NFL football.

    Tim Tebow has brought that fire back to our team, I see it in him, I see it in the guys around him, I see it in our team. Our team is not a machine made of the absolute best players in the NFL, but it is a team made of hard working, skilled guys that working together, can make the road to that Super Bowl exciting, entertaining, nail biting, and sometimes painful, it is passionate. I would not trade that for all the SB rings every year and have a vanilla, bland, machine of an organization that just wins, but is not a true team.

    I love Manning, and would be great to have him on board our team (and stays healthy and can play at close to 100% - which no one really knows if he can yet), but I also would love to keep Tebow and watch him grow and develop into our franchise QB, because I think he will be something very special, either here or someplace else... I just hope it's here.
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      If you're not a team, you can't win championships.

      LOL @ "I'd rather be entertained than win".



      Hooray, beer!


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        Originally posted by CoryWinget81 View Post
        If you're not a team, you can't win championships.

        LOL @ "I'd rather be entertained than win".


        Seriously, when the Broncos win, I'm usually entertained.


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          Originally posted by marktippins1981 View Post
          First and foremost, I would like to say I am a Denver Broncos fan first, and Tim Tebow fan second. This will always be the way....

          The reason I say we all have our priorities wrong, is because I was analysing the Manning vs Tebow debate. I wanted Manning; it's Peyton Manning after all. I then got thinking about it, and what I want from our franchise; a Super Bowl, yes, but then I realised there is much more to it than that, and thought I would share the ramblings in my mind with you all (bored on the train to work)

          Al Davis coined the phrase 'just win, baby', and I admire him for removing the personal element from the success of his team, and doing all you can to win, but only to a point.....

          I am loyal fan, and with that loyalty, some must reside with the players as well as the organisation. We cheer them as well as the team, after all. Some players just go wherever the biggest pay cheque is, some players go to whichever team gives them the best chance to win a Super Bowl, and I have absolutely no time for them.

          NFL Franchises are businesses, yes, and must do what they can to win, but also with that, their main business is to keep their fans entertained. Their business, therefore, is purely entertainment. Most of our fans want to win, and that is all they want, and I attribute that to the capatalist world we all live in. Let me equate this to life in general a bit; it really is ok to be average fellas, and ok not to be a winner, and to just have pride in what you do, and have fun doing it. Feel free to use that line on your kids there

          Some love Tebow because he got us back to winning ways, but not me. The reason I love Tebow, or rather the reason I have fallen in love with Tebow, is not because he makes our team better, instills heart and passion in the rest of the organisation, a great role model for us all, but because he is so damn fun to watch. Life is supposed to be fun, right?

          I have enjoyed watching the end of the Plummer era, the Cutler years, the Orton years, seeing our team trying to suceed and win the big one with all, but I have prefered watching Tebow, above all of them. Our team is now passionate, our team wears its heart on its sleeve, proud to be from Denver, thankful for playing in the NFL, and just generally a better role model to our kids (and adults too!)

          Will it not be more satisfying to watch Tebow, and our Broncos, grow over the next few years, entertaining the hell out of all of us, even if we don't win a Super Bowl for another 20 years?? I mean, geeeez, you never know what is going to happen next with this kid. He is pure entertainment, and a good guy too.

          I mean this wholeheartedly, and not playing Devil's Advocat like before (said things along this line a few times in here), but I would much prefer watching Tebow try to win a Super Bowl in Denver over the next 15 years, and failing, than getting an old Manning, winning one, and then the team crumbling under his aging arm strength and desire to only do one thing; win another Super Bowl.

          I know there are MANY of you who will tell me I am stupid, many who will laugh at my apparent lack of competitiveness, and some who think I am mad or just don't get it, but seriously folks, entertainment is the game we are in, and winning the Super Bowl is just a bonus.

          Just a bonus, that's all it is, or rather all is *should* be.

          If Tebow is the most entertaining QB in the league, then everyone should want him, and we are damn lucky to have him. I think this is what people are trying to say with their billboards, their booing of other QBs, their chanting of his name. Tebow, is an entertainer, whether he wants to be or not.

          'Entertainment over Record', should have been Al Davis' statement, especially as a team that has fun, and is entertaining to watch, usually wins.

          Therefore, I beg you all to sit down, and work out what it is you want from our franchise. There will be rough times with Tebow, more than most, especially in these early years, but do you want to enjoy watching your team, or do you want to enjoy them when they win?

          I know what I want now, and it is Tebow. Until he stops entertaining me


          For my next rant, I will be explaining why good character guys help a franchise win more than more skilled, selfish players, who are just looking for the title, or more $$$, but you'll have to wait for that, as typing this much on my iPhone has pretty much rendered my fingers useless for the rest of week.

          Great post, man. I hope to God there is some way Tim can stay in a Broncos uniform.

          They're your teammates, now.
          Best of luck, TT!
          ...Always a class act - in any uniform.

          sbutk: i can see why Denver is taking TO's right now [trailing by 7, with 30 seconds left in the half]. but why Oakland???

          Captain Lori: You are trying to figure out the Raiders. Try figuring out women instead; it's probably much easier.


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            Fantastic post but there is no way that Tim stays and it's not the man....he would get along with Peyton....he would be a great team mate because that's who he is.

            Problem becomes the distraction....there's no way that Peyton wants to hear the cat calls for TT every time he throws a pick, misses a pass or goes 3 and out.

            No unfortunately we have seen the end of the Tebow era in Denver.

            Let's hope for the best, clearly it's Super Bowl or bust the next two years or this will turn into one of the biggest blunders ever.