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Official: Peyton picks the Broncos, to begin negotiations

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  • Originally posted by Mk2_Tebow View Post
    It will be a long remembered mistake to trade Tebow...EFX don't do it. let him develop behind Manning.
    It's one or the other, Tebow is gone unfortunately, best of luck to him.


    • Originally posted by kingelway7 View Post
      Schefter is bleeding from the mouth on The Herd about how this was basically a done deal back on March 9th when Manning came to Denver
      I LOVE this tweet - Vic Lombardi ‏ @VicLombardi Reply Retweet Favorite · Open

      According to sources inside the Broncos, the building at Dove Valley is going nuts. They're celebrating big time. What a coup by John Elway

      Vic Lombardi ‏ @VicLombardi Reply Retweet Favorite · Open

      The Broncos won him over with Elway and Fox. End of story. They won him over.


      • Originally posted by Yakka27 View Post
        Can you imagine this defense while playing with a lead?!?!
        Exactly! More importantly, can you imagine this pass-rush while playing with a lead?!!

        As for Wallace, there's enough talent here at the WR position with DT and Decker for Manning to work with. Bring in a mid-round receiver and use the first two picks on D-###
        Hoping for a defensive-minded head coach and a return to the ZBS on offense. At the very least, no more cheaters for head coach.


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          • Originally posted by Bradshaw3001 View Post
            I'm not taking a shot, I actually think that would be the motivation for Manning or any FA quarterback wanting Tebow gone as a prerequisite for signing here. It does make sense, doesn't it?
            I agree, i said it before. it does not mean I can not be sad about it does it? I am very happy for Manning and the Broncos but at the same time very sad for Tebow.

            its a weird feeling, I cant describe it to be honest.


            • BREAKING UPDATE: Sources in Houston said Peyton Manning called Bud Adams to thank him; says Elway is why he decided to go with the Broncos.


              • Originally posted by DenverBlood View Post
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                My dad just texted me and I came on here to check. This is the best news I've had in awhile regarding the Broncos. Absolutley stunning. Can't wait for September. Really sad to see Tebow go though if the trade is definite as reported. Last year was awesome watching him play. He is a great guy with a great attitude. I just hope he never burns us in the rest of his career.
                Didnt really say definite on the trade, it said they have tested the temperature and if they can get "what they want" for tim they will trade him if not he will stay.
                GO BRONCOS AFC Champs!!!


                • Bud Adams is on suicide watch.


                  • Thank god for this signing!!!!!!!!
                    Now the Tebowmaniacs can see how a Real NFL qb plays the position.
                    Guess Timmy will have to battle for the starting job here in denver now.
                    My friends over at Sports Radio Interviews sent me a link to an interview Pat Bowlen did with a Chicago-area radio station. While there is nothing earth-shattering here. Below is a segment of the transcript -

                    What are the Bears getting in Jay Cutler?

                    “They’re getting an extremely talented young quarterback.”

                    Some one Please name me the last successful NFL QB that had to be taught how to throw the ball correctly.


                    • I wouldn't trade Tebow just to dump him.

                      He could run the Wildcat Package which would give Manning some rest.

                      He has shown he can win in the NFL and best of all is CHEAP.

                      No back up QB they sign will be a better back up then Tebow.

                      They won't get a lot for him. I mean I can see trading him for a 1 or maybe a 2 but if they don't get that why just dump him?


                      • whooooooooooooooooottttttttttt!!!!!!! This feels like we just won another cookie!


                        • Michelle Beisner ‏ @MichelleBeisner Reply Retweet Favorite · Open
                          Tryin to get reaction from Titans. Not an easy task at the moment.


                          • This is awesome. Get the ball back in the hands of a real NFL level starting QB!


                            • Where the Titans media/fans at now? I thought Manning was a Titan
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                              • Originally posted by littlejazzy View Post
                                If they get rid of tebow because of Manning coming here I am so done I will give my season tickets away because then its just stupid when a kid has that much potential and an old man is only going to be around for a couple years... Come on Elways use your head!!!
                                You do not have season tickets if your leaving because Tebow is gone. Any "bronco" fan would be excited for this move... While Tebow fans will not be happy.

                                After anger it is denial.

                                I'm personally very excited and Elway just gets it. Have not been happy about the direction of this team and NEVER wanted McD in here and liked Cutler alot.

                                I am glad we will not have the Tebow fans here in the near future. Broncos mntman should be as pleased as I with this direction. Now we can technically groom someone for the future under Peyton... Peyton freaking Manning.

                                This is awesome. Unfortunately, There will not be people dropping their season tickets because of this. I have been on list for 5 years now, So people no longer on list is a good thing for me.