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Is Elway's "There is no plan B." comment worrysome?

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    Originally posted by D_Broncs_913 View Post
    Plan A: Win a superbowl

    Plan B? We don't have a plan b! We have plan A!
    Until Manning's neck becomes a problem again. People really have no idea how rough the NFL is.

    You guys should really hang onto Tebow until Manning can play a whole season and prove he's really healthy.


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      Plan B is Quinn.


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        If you think the Broncos don't have a list with the quarterbacks they want to add through free agency or the draft, you are wrong. They just have to re-evaluate the process after signing a new starting quarterback. The Broncos had a young and raw quarterback that likes to run. Now, they have an old quarterback that plays like a conventional pocket passer. It's a very different situation. An older veteran as a backup would be interesting with Tebow as the starter. An older veteran behind a 36-year old quarterback is not a very good idea. The Broncos will have to search for a young quarterback that can replace Manning in a near future. The target will probably be a smart, conventional pocket passer capable of executing the sophisticated passing game that Manning will bring. Unfortunately, the remaining free agents are not interesting names. They can play the role of backup quarterback for a while, but the best options are in the Draft. The Broncos can still make a trade for a young quarterback after they trade Tebow.


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          i think he just means that he expects manning to be healthy.


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            Originally posted by BeardedWonder View Post
            There is no alternative plan.
            You get the best players to help you win.

            Plan B = loss
            Tom Brady and the Pats want a word with you... Pretty sure Tom Brady was a plan B for Bledsoe... So Plan B can still equal Plan A you just need to know how to build a team...

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              Plan B is to ship Tebow out of town

              Plan C is to win the Super Bowl


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                Originally posted by dadx4 View Post
                Plan B is Quinn.
                he is a chief.


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                  If I knew what the actual question he was answering was, it would be easier to say whether or not I am worried about his answer.

                  If it was about a plan B for not signing Manning, then there is no worry.

                  If it was about Manning getting injured and missing the season, then it might be a cause for concern. However, most teams would be screwed if their starting quarterback went down for the season.

                  I would hope they draft a quarterback in the 2nd or 3rd round.
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                    That question was asked right in front of Manning. That was Elway telling everyone that they were "all in" on acquiring PM and that they are all in now looking forward.

                    Why even bother bringing up 'Plan B' when 'Plan A' is in full effect?


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                      Originally posted by Raider_Nation View Post
                      Until Manning's neck becomes a problem again. People really have no idea how rough the NFL is.

                      You guys should really hang onto Tebow until Manning can play a whole season and prove he's really healthy.

                      Peyton Manning; 227 consecutive starts.


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                        He was saying there was no plan B if they didn't get Manning.

                        Hooray, beer!


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                          Peyton Manning is our Savior!!!Don't need no stinking plan B

                          Tebow did it all on his own starting with the off season.

                          Manning will have every resource available in the off season. His offense will be implanted and every physical theropist will be waiting hand and foot. After all he is born of a John Elway spirit!!!!

                          We're paying him 19 mil a year so lets add 2 mil in amenities...what ever he wants, give it to him.

                          We only paid Tebow 3 mil a year so why should we have given him the time of day. He got the "Elway Cringe" for winning. What more could he want.

                          Will we see the "Elway Cringe" when Peyton goes down? Hope we don't have to. But that said it all to last year.
                          This is the NFL!!

                          Don't sing it... Bring It!!!!!

                          Go Broncos!!!!!!!


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                            No team has a plan B for losing a QB like Manning. Go ask NO what plan B is for losing Drew Breese.

                            its called losing.


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                              I feel like Elway's legacy hinges on this move. If Manning goes down, and Denver spirals, this is going to be bad. There will be a lot of people wondering what might have been with Tebow. Elway will take a lot of the heat.

                              Then again, if Manning gets a SB, it cements his legacy forever.