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The Only Question About Manning I Have IS

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    Honestly the big question that I have is very different.

    Will Manning's neck remain healthy?

    He developed bone spurs because he has a degenerative condition and if that condition continues on its way then more bone spurs may surface.

    As a person who has had several spine and neck related injuries I can tell you that this might be a huge issue.

    I hope that it doesn't and to add to my concern Pass Protection Blocking with our O-Line is very suspect IMO and will not help this issue one bit if it goes unchecked.

    Just to be say safe we had better plan on using some decent picks to get that figured out, not to mention that both Tackles showed some big mistakes last year.

    That's my biggest concern as far as Manning goes, because to me Manning is one of those guys who has that fire burning to win and that's never going to change IMO.


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      Originally posted by Chillez View Post
      Good analogy but Kobe Bryant has had much better career than Peyton including postseason lot more championships more clutch but I see where you are coming from. I love Peyton for choosing us guy is workaholic wants prove doubters wrong "Colts". I think has huge chip on his shoulder wants prove still can win championships, and be old MVP Peyton we know and all love.
      Actually Kobe Bryant's stats in the playoffs take a dip and he has a 38% in crunch time.

      So you're wrong about that. Also he won 3 championship as a sidekick and 2 with a cast much better than anything Manning has. You can't compare a Superbowl to an NBA championship. Superbowls are harder to come by as there's more parity within the league.

      Kobe Bryant is a top 10 player all time but is nowhere close to being the best ever let alone at his position. Manning is a top 10 all time in a sport where being top 10 is like being top 3 in the NBA.

      sitting down>laying down