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Can Denver's defense take the next step?

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    Del Rio is a 4-3 guy and he was great for the single year he was in carolina i wish he never left.

    Broncos have a ridiculous looking roster right now I would be quite excited.


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      Originally posted by #24 Next Champ View Post
      This...some posts make me smh
      JDR experimented with the 3-4 defense last season and if we had a nose tackle then we could have a really good 3-4. But we don't, and NTs are the most important part.... So bye pipe dream
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      Originally posted by Mosk
      Joey Bosa ~ Jason Spriggs ~ Darian Thompson ~ Nick Vannett ~ Paul Perkins ~ Dan Vitale


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        Originally posted by BroncoooJohnson View Post
        Bunkley is slightly above average as a starting DT considering his deficiencies, our FO would look at him crazy if he asked for $35M, and rightfully so.

        Look at what we have, Champ Bailey, Tracy Porter, Chris Harris, Quinton Carter, Mike Adams, DJ Williams (WW is a great back up), Joe Mays/Nate Irving, Von Miller, and Elvis Dumervil.

        Last offseason, most people (not me one bit) were afraid that we were doomed at the DT position after the draft. One veteran signing in Warren and a trade for Bunkley made people feel MUCH better.

        I expect something similar this season if we don't draft one early. I wouldn't worry about DT at all. It's valued higher on these boards than anywhere I've seen before, it's not worth passing up a better prospect for unless that DT has great pass rushing (about 6-8 sacks coming in, which is very tough) and run stopping ability.
        Yeah I agree about drafting DT just for the sake of it. That is usually a terrible draft strategy and it has been pointed out that there are very rarely difference makers past 15 overall or so. In fact I'd say the only guy drafted around our pick that is even as good as Marcus Thomas was Wilfork.

        I'd like to see us get SOMEBODY in FA first so we can be more flexible in the draft. I'd mucb rather get a Janoris Jenkins or some other player at the top of his position than just whatever DT is left over.


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          We NEED penetration up the middle against the best qbs. Our defense was amazing when we were using schemes that allowed Von to rush up the middle. When healthy he was eating up the guards and centers.

          Maybe Von can do that again in 2012

          Better would be to get a DT who can push the pocket and allow Von and Doom to do what they do best...attack the qb from the outside.

          We still need a better MLB but u will be amazed at how much better our DBs look when we put pressure up the middle.

          Also our depth sucks. Our defense is one injury on two maybe three players from being average maybe worse

          One thing I would like to add...last year during training camp I was thinking we would have the perfect defense for the colts and Peyton ... My thoery will be put to the test this year. If Peyton can get us a quick 1-2 score lead and consistently flip the field then IMO our defense will look allot better
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          Time to build on the win and grow the team from some solid play higher level of play