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Peyton may never win a Super Bowl in Denver

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  • They are just jelly...

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    • Is this article an April Fools joke....


      • I have hopes of winning a Superbowl every year.

        An opinion from some hack beat writer will not discourage me.

        GO BRONCOS!!!


        • Originally posted by JvDub95 View Post
          I'm not ready to anoint the Broncos the champs of the west just yet either. We have to play the games to find out what we are. The Eagles last year were supposed to be this untouchable team because of all the talent. They fell flat on their faces and the world laughed. We can't let our heads get so big just because we have one of the greatest of all time. He is human and humans do make mistakes.

          This year will probably be a struggle for Manning because he is not used to his surroundings and it might take him 1/2 to 3/4 of the season to find his grove. Next season is the season where I expect great things. The WR's and the O-line will have had time to adjust and the defense will be better as well. I expect to be in the playoffs this year, but to crown us champs is very premature.
          Manning gets paid to much to struggle even 1/2 of the season. We run QB's that struggle out of town. It's not a option.
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          • Sounds like someone is jealous

            that is all I have been hearing since Manning got signed, rationalizations from other teams on why it was a bad move

            If Manning is healthy Rivers is no longer the best qb in the division, the Chargers are no longer the favorites


            • Originally posted by FL BRONCO View Post
              Peyton Manning’s creaking across the Heartland to the Broncos doesn’t exactly blow up my kilts. But then, whatever happens in Denver can’t stay in Denver, for reasons that escape my minimum security brain. Everything becomes an overblown dirigible, especially when it comes to their quarterbacks.

              Maybe it’s too much helium and a lack of oxygen.

              John Elway comes out of Stanford, creates a ruckus, goes to Denver and can’t even go to the bathroom without the papers announcing time and volume. Then Tim Tebow becomes the Coloradans’ Messiah. Everybody loves Timmy, but then the hypocritical Elway, now Broncos GM — who along with coach John Fox obviously never liked Tebow in the first place — makes a rich, terribly risky play for Manning. And he ships the Chosen One off to the New York Jets, where Tebow will find no lack of sinners (and probably will have to work hard to find 12 disciples).

              In fact, I wonder aloud if opponents such as the Chargers might have a simpler time preparing for Manning than they would Tebow. No question Manning’s the better quarterback, but you pretty much know what Mr. P. can do and where he’s going to be (if healthy). Tebow is Peyton’s opposite, and there were times last year when he ran defenses into submission.

              Tebow may not start in New York, but Jets opponents must prepare for him. I don’t believe Timmy should start in The League, but he’s a problem. The Broncos have given away an advantage and I can’t say they’ve become more dangerous, because we have no idea how Manning will perform.

              It’s pure speculation. Speculation stinks.

              “All of us in the league don’t know what Tebow is,” Chargers General Manager A.J. Smith says. “What is he going to do? You’re not talking about a traditional football player.

              “Manning’s starting over with new teammates, but we know what he’s going to do, just as we knew what Terry Bradshaw was going to do, and now what Aaron Rodgers is going to do, and teams know what Philip Rivers is going to do.

              “I see no difference at all. Great players can come at any time. It’s still a game of matchups. If Manning is healthy, no question he’s a challenge. But I’m not sure what he’ll be, the old-fashioned, Hall of Fame Manning or somebody with four neck surgeries opening himself up to nerve damage. You go into it saying he’s the Hall of Fame Manning, but you can’t know until he plays. For us, if we don’t have a dominant defense, it won’t mean a thing, because without one we’re not winning a championship no matter who’s quarterbacking the Denver Broncos.”

              Denver, Denver, Denver. I’m sick of Denver and the incredible advantage the rarefied air gives its sports teams. And those gushing that with Manning the Broncos will stroll through the AFC West and onto the Super Bowl are full of it up to their earlobes.

              It isn’t going to be that easy. This isn’t 2008. Manning may be a four-time NFL MVP, but he just turned 36, has had at least three next surgeries (possibly four) and hasn’t thrown a meaningful pass since January 2010. He never was mobile. Elway and Fox don’t even know if he can play.

              Suppose he can. It’s doubtful he’ll be as good. And as far as Super Bowls are concerned, he won one with Indianapolis, and there’s no denying he had far better teams and weapons with the Colts than he’s going to have with the Broncos. Has any great quarterback lost more big games with good teams in his life than Peyton Manning? Can’t think of one.And I keep hearing about this tremendous, dominating defense the Broncos have. I’m not going to tell you it’s bad, but including one playoff game, the Broncos gave up 40 or more points five times last year. Great defenses don’t do that; don’t do that if a high school kid is quarterbacking their team.

              I refuse to anoint the Broncos in March, but for that matter I’m not ready to daub oil on any AFC West team. Smith has been very active and appears to have done some nice things in free agency, but the Chargers haven’t played anyone yet, either. And I still haven’t seen Smith acquire the dominant pass rusher or strong safety he so terribly needs — and drafts, as we’ve seen lately, offer no guarantees.

              “If we can build a great offense, score some points and go on long drives, we can keep Manning on the sidelines with his helmet on,” Smith says. “But we’ve got to see him play first.

              “You can’t lose six games in a row like we did last year. Maybe we would have had better backups if I had done a better job. We’ve wasted two years. We have to get off the field. Our defense has been bringing us down. The defense has to rise up for us to have a shot in the division, and I don’t care who’s the quarterback in Denver. We have failed miserably.”

              Not the Broncos. They’ve already cleared cabinet space for the Lombardi Trophy

              I can think of a qb who has lost a few big games with good teams around him and he doesn't have a ring---Rivers

              I think this guy has a case of jealousy
              Ok we can read it already. Why re-post this?
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              • Originally posted by baphamet View Post
                to be fair manning actually has had some good teams. good receivers, good TE, a good running back. he has had it all.

                hes even had good defenses at times with good players. his playoff struggles does not relate to that IMO

                when you are dominating in the regular season then lose to a team you are supposed to beat in the first playoff game, that is just a choke.

                happens to even the best QB's but to manning it happens more than usual.
                Disagree stridently. He's had a good defense (and by good I mean above .500 compared to the rest of the league) maybe 2 out of his 14 seasons.


                • Sandiegos not the same team as they were in 07 & 08, time to refresh some data


                  • Originally posted by JAY6 View Post
                    Phyllis Rivers is obviously no guarantee of stroll to title for SD either

                    This is funny though - sounds like someone is jealous of Denver getting some attention - like the little brother who always gets the smallest piece of chicken
                    The beatings will continue until morale improves....


                    • Tom Brady doesn't guarantee the Pats a title
                      Nor does Aaron Rodgers for the Pack.

                      Nor does Phil there for San Diego.

                      Need a good team overall. Pats and Pack lacked the D.

                      San Diego suffered from an off year from Rivers in addition to a slow start.

                      Manning guarantees nothing, but he does add to a component Denver has lacked for years.


                      • if broncos can get through this season in to tops in the AFC,
                        they can surely do it the year after,

                        i believe manning,fox and elway are all in this year


                        • Originally posted by Holger_Danske View Post
                          Ok we can read it already. Why re-post this?
                          Apparently you can't read that well or you would've red the 2 lines I posted and looked at the bolded part and you'd already know why rather than posting something totally off subject of the thread like a smart butt.

                          If I am ever looking to get an education on how to post from you I will let know till then
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                          • Sour grapes.

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                            • Lol jelly? He speaks the truth you guys sound biased to me. Almost no one here sees reality in this.


                              • Yeah Manning had Medicore It was the opposite when Manning was owning Denver.