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Who Here Really Likes Elway, Manning, Champ, Miller etc.

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  • Who Here Really Likes Elway, Manning, Champ, Miller etc.

    If you are a big time fan of John Elway, Peyton Manning, Champ Bailey, Von Miller, Ryan Clady, Elvis Dumervil, Eric Decker, Demaryius Thomas, Chris Kuper and more Broncos....


    Then I'm so ready to talk football with you all season long, and then some!

    (hey.....I'll probably talk with you a point:)

    BTW......I also really like Franklin and......hey, fill in the blanks buds!!!

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    I am super excited to see if Squid comes back and regains form


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      I'm excited for Squid to come back, I'm excited to see Knowshon rebound, I'm excited to see Manning put on a light show to Thomas, Decker, Caldwell, Dreessen, and Tamme, I'm excited to see Von and Doom go for 12+ sacks each, I'm excited to see Carter and Moore blossom into our safeties of the future, I'm excited to see Champ, Porter, Harris, and whoever else is at corner jump some routes and take them to the house, and I'm excited to see some WINS!
      Fightin' Texas Aggie c/o '16


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        I can't wait to see who becomes our new Broncos in the draft. EFX did a great job drafting players last season, and the team got a lot of contributions from rookies. There is a lot of good talent coming out of college this year and I'm looking forward to welcoming in and being a fan of our newest Broncos!


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          Hellz yeah!

          I want to skip straight to Sept, right now! It seems so far away


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            Im eager to see the play of the ofensive line!!!
            Go Broncos!!! My Prediction: 11-5 (2015/16)


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                Hey buds........I can honestly say that I am not looking back (other than to reminisce about some of greatest memories that have been provided by one of the best organizations in all of sports!), only forward. So much to be pumped about, so little time to waste......with what ifs, and all that could of / should of / would of stuff. After all, it led us right here and now!


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                  Originally posted by BroncosDivision View Post
                  No kidding! I love how EFX responded to Allen leaving by upgrading, shows where we're headed as an organization! Hopefully we don't specialize in being a coaching factory for years to come, I'm content with our coaching staff unless we get some air raid mastermind at OC.

                  Del Rio is going to have fun with the pieces he has here in Denver, and I'm sure we'll be much improved from last season on that side of the ball.
                  Fightin' Texas Aggie c/o '16


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                    Originally posted by cmarquez View Post
                    Im eager to see the play of the ofensive line!!!

                    for the first time since 2008, we have a QB that won't sack himself or try to run instead of throw. Clady and Kuper should make the Pro Bowl.
                    Hoping for a defensive-minded head coach and a return to the ZBS on offense. At the very least, no more cheaters for head coach.


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                      Im excited we have a great D coordinator 2 grewta pass rushers one of the best corners to ever set foot on a football field. We have some good LBs we do however need a DT or 2.

                      On O we have an O line that gets another year to gel. We have Peyton Manning , DT and Decker are going to each have 1000 yard seasons.


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                        A lot to be excited about.

                        - JDR running the D.
                        - Doom and Miller healthy could cause a ton of teams problems.
                        - See how Decker and Thomas do with a top QB.
                        - Hopefully some young, future DT's from the draft.

                        Among other things.


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                          I'm rooting for Rahim Moore most of all players on the team this year, honestly.

                          The kid said all the right things and did all the right things, but had a miserable rookie campaign. Hopefully his hard work pays off and Denver gets a center fielder QBs are afraid of!


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                            Among all the excitement I have to admit, I have hardly even taken the time to realize that we have JDR "on our team". That key individual and dimension of our game may be the most overlooked when it comes to the stength of our upcoming season, and for years to come.

                            Imagine how far we can go with a quality D, that complements a potentially dangerous O!!!!


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                              You know me Can, I'm down with the Broncos whatever the situation. This year though is different