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So right now how much do you like Von Miller

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    No. If you have a HOFer in the making, you don't trade for "maybes".


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      Originally posted by broncolassiter View Post
      I love Von but let's face it; Did any of us know who Von Miller was before EFX drafted him? Redskins pick in the top 10 about every year, one player is not going to change that. The trade would have allowed us to go into the playoffs and still pick in the top 10. for a few years.
      I'm sure alot of Bronco fans knew who Von Miller was last year! If you watch NFL Network or ESPN?


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        All that compentsation for a ........LB? Of course I would make that trade.


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          Hell yes I would make this trade.....Vonn Miller is a nice player, but he is a LB. His value will never be that of 3 1st round picks and a second. Anyone that wouldn't make the deal is flat out nuts
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            Originally posted by nyuk nyuk View Post
            I'll take a proven star over a bunch of pieces of paper any day. Von was the best pick of the 2011 draft hands down, unquestionably.

            Proven star? He had about 11 good games.....cause once he got hurt he wasnt that good at all. One year doesnt make someone proven....See Eddie Royal...What did he "prove" after year 1

            Originally posted by SoundsOfSuccess View Post
            I'll take Von.

            You can have fun trying to get a Hall of Famer with your picks, I already have mine.
            hall of famer....Stop that right now......He needs 8 more years with at least the production he had this season to even have this discussion

            Originally posted by BayouCatFan View Post
            No way I would do it. Miller and Elvis could pair to make a HOF tandem if they stay healthy. I hedge my bets on them for the next 8-10 years.
            HOF for either of these 2 players is so unbelievably far fetched....

            Originally posted by JerseyAdam View Post
            No. If you have a HOFer in the making, you don't trade for "maybes".
            Vonn is still a what now
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              1) The Redskins or any team aint gonna offer that much.

              2) We are in a WIN NOW mode with the 3 Peyton years ahead.

              We need our sophmore blue chip player NOW ...
              not a maybe good rookie and some more
              maybe good rookies in the distant future.
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                Originally posted by Hadez View Post
                I know the Redskins did it for a QB and that is different then a All Pro level LB but still lets compare because that is one of the things that makes the NFL fun.

                So it may not happen but for discussion sake lets say it would.

                Would you take what the Redskins offered for this 2nd pick for Von Miller?

                Sixth pick
                2nd round 2012
                2013 1st
                2014 1st
                I put yes, because no team would give that much for a LB.


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                  We have all clamoured for years and years about our need and want of a pass rush and now all of a sudden we have it and some people on here want to trade it way for unknowns!?!?!? Damn I hope that infection isn't contagious because that is one of the most ridiculous things I have heard in a long time.
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                    Von will go down as a once-in-a-generation player. Enough said.

                    Yes, I'm drinking the koolaid.


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                      I like him very much.


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                        I say no, we've got realistically a 3 year window to win a Superbowl. In order to do that we need what he brings to the team.
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